Crush Counter dash explain?


How do the pros crush counter then dash afterwards to completely the combo, an example would be guiles fwd fierce into stand fierce or balrog stand fierce dash medium kick target combo? I see smug, and du do this

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You do the CC normal, it does a CC, then you dash.
I’m not joking either.


But how come it never works for me? I can get a crush counter but by the time I dash in, the dummy has already recovered. Is there a secret to completing the combo instead of having to do the micro step forward? Like I mentioned in the comment pro players are able to do it and sometimes late even and it works but I can only do the micro step then attempt to complete the combo.


It’s not just pro players, that sort of thing is a fairly basic skill to get down for anyone playing the game at any skill level past beginner. If you know that the combo is supposed to work, go into training mode and figure it out. You’re probably just mistiming the dash, the button afterwards, or both.


As AirLancer is saying, you’re mistiming it. Mind that if you input the dash too early, nothing will come out. If you do it too late, the AI will block it. And if you mash it, you’ll end between those two with sporadic success.
Which crush counter combo are you attempting to do?


Lol all these people and not even the right answer:

NOT EVERY CHARACTER can dash into full combo from a CC.

If you’ve seen some pro do it and you know it’s possible for that character with that move, just set the training dummy to CH on and block after first hit and the practice doing CC>dash into jab. The jab is the easiest move to hit with since it’s the fastest. After you perfect that, move onto the slower moves you see the pros use and remember that not every character gets a full dash in combo from a CC. As an example Laura’s CC only allows her to get off a medium elbow ender, not a full dash in combo.

Not all CC are made the same and they have varying levels of hit and block advantage.


Maybe it would be better if you tell us which character and which CC button are you using?


The character is Guile and I’m referencing his Fwd Fierce CC, Dash, Stand Fierce, crouch medium punch, into flash kick. I’ve done this in practice mode many times over, but without any success. I’ve played SFV since day one and don’t consider myself too much of a noob but there are gaps in my game that I’m trying to plug, this being one of them. I’m not looking for an easy answer but more of a full explanation on why this even works or I’ll just be relegated to the micro step combo completion. Again, I have tried to complete this in practice mode but without any success and I’m here for a detailed explanation. I know I should be able to do the dash because Nuckle Du does it all the time…so what am I not getting? Feel free to point me in the direction of a YouTube explanation, thanks.


Ok so I just spent about 3 minutes in training mode and here’s what I came up with…
Note that I don’t use guile:

From up close the CC fhp>st.hp is a semi tough link. Tough enough to the point that I didn’t get it in my first 5 tries or so, then I started to just dash and mash st.hp and it combos pretty easy… but of course mashing isn’t good since it will be hard to get a charge while mashing.

So that’s your first answer, the combo is hard. It will take some practice.

The second thing I noticed is that if I do a NEAR max range CC fhp>dash st.hp… it becomes much easier.

Now I haven’t turned on the frame counter or anything but there is a 99% chance the reason why it’s easier from a range is because I’m hitting the FHP in later active frames.

So let’s say the combo is normally a 1 or 2 frame link… hitting with max range fhp makes it feel like a 4 or 5 frame link after the dash.

So I hope that helps. The way you would use this info is to always try to make your fhp hit near max range in game, or practice the harder link ALOT in training mode.

To practice the hard version just mash st.hp during your dash. The games buffer will kick in and give you auto timing. This can help you more easily understand where the games buffer window is with reference to this combo. If you STILL can’t hit the combo even mashing st.hp during dash, that means your initial dash input is to slow


Thanks for the detailed explanation and this does answer my question. I’ll keep trying til I get it!


Cool :slight_smile:

I don’t have a perfect frame data reference but from I’m seeing that CC is +26. Guiles st.hp is 8 frames of startup and his dash is 18 frames so that means that is a 1 frame link… aka VERY hard. Now sf5 has a buffer system in place but the buffer is different depending on what state you are coming from. I don’t know what the buffer is out of dashes… if there even is one.

You can opt instead to use, if close enough as the is 5 frames so it’s an easy mode 4 frame link.


…So, the explanation went from

“You’re mistiming it” to “you’re mistiming it because it’s hard.” He’d already explained beforehand what CC combo he was trying to do, and you’re acting like people just throwing out blind advice.


Guile’s f+HP CC gives him 26 frames of advantage. His forward dash is 18 frames, which means he still has 8 frames of advantage at the end of the dash. His st. HP is 8f of startup so he can link it after a dash.
You have no room for delay since it’s a tight link. If you can’t do it that’s because you’re too slow.