Crush counter simplification


Hi everyone, I have some questions regarding crush counters in SF V. I have read into it a little but would appreciate if you guys simplified what they are to me as I don’t fully get what they are or how they’re used. Thanks.

  1. What exactly is a crush counter?
  2. To use a crush counter does my opponent need to miss a move? Or can I use crush counter freely?
  3. I’ve heard some characters have more than one CC is this true? I main Ryu so would his CC’s be heavy kick and heavy punch?
  4. Can I combo after a CC or is it meant as a one hit move?
  5. In training mode if I put the crush counter mode to ON everytime I hit someone with a heavy kick they like spin falling back, but if I put it in normal mode they don’t, which is the mode that is used online?

  1. When you counter hit with a certain heavy normal (there might be more to that definition, but I’m pretty sure that’s it)
  2. CCs are reliant on your opponent doing something
  3. Some characters have HP and HK, I’m not sure if Ryu is one of those characters
  4. They are meant to start combos that you normally couldn’t do (because of the extended hit stun)
  5. I’m not sure I understand the question. If you CC them on the ground, they will reel back. If you CC them as an Anti Air, they will spin around.


Thank you sooo much! About them spinning I mean that if I land a HK with Ryu my opponent reel back but if I do like a mP,hP,hK then my opponent spins back, also in training mode when the setting for “Counter” is set to ON then after a hP they fall to the ground, if it’s set to “normal” a hP won’t knock them down, why?


The MP,HP,HK is a target combo and that will never CC. The spin back is just the way Capcom designed it (I don’t think you can follow it up with anything), it doesn’t have anything to do with a CC. I don’t know the answer to HP question, I didn’t think a counter hit HP would cause a knockdown…


Ok so I can’t just walk up to a guy and press HK and say that’s a CC then right? But if I block ryu’s DP and then I counter with a HK then that IS a crush counter correct? Also then you can’t do a target combo after a missed move for example a DP?


Correct. Correct. Incorrect.

You CAN do a target combo after a missed DP, but it’s not going to be a CC. You probably wouldn’t want to do his target combo after a missed DP though, since he can do more damage with one of his CC combos.


Oh ok, so the best combos start off by using a CC? I think I get it now. And just to be 100% you’re sure CC’s NEED for my opponent to do something and miss or I block right?


Let’s say your opponent is Ryu and he does a DP. If you manage to bait and block it, wait for him to fall back to the ground and then use your crush counter move -> go into the combo.

Also if you go into training mode and set Counter to On your crush counter will work every time (this is to practice your CC combos). But yes, to be clear you have to interrupt something your opponent is doing.


Cool thanks man!! So can we say that every CC is basically like a stun hit?