Crush, Kill, DESTROY! The Urien Combo Thread

Alright! We have ourselves a returning hype machine to SFV, in this thread we’re going to go over some combos with Urien and some advance techniques.

For Notation it’s going to be fairly simple:

LP = Light Punch
MP = Medium Punch
HP = Hard Punch

LK = Light Kick
MK = Medium Kick
HK = Hard Kick

(j.) will be added for jumping
(cr.) will be added for crouching
(b.) will be added for back
(f.) will be added for forward

Special Move Notation:

Headbutt = Headbutt

Fireball = Firball (with LP/MP/HP in the prefix)

Knee Press = Knee Press

V-Trigger = V-Trigger/Aegis Reflector/Aegis

Super = Super/CA

xx = cancel

So with things subject to change I am going to only add a few combos but these are combos you can work on. Charge partitioning is still real in this.

Target Combo’s

(b)st.LP x (b)st.MP xx Tackle (you can EX this for more damage) *You don’t need to hold back to do the target combo but you do need it to cancel into tackle

(f)st.MP x (f)st.HP xx (V-trigger) another Target combo good for basic confirms into Aegis

After V trigger Urien can juggle his opponent with st.MP xx st.HP xx cr.HP (EX Tackle/EX Fireball etc)

Regular combos

cr.LK xx cr.LP xx Tackle (EX works too)

cr.MP xx cr.LP xx Tackle (EX too)

cr.HP xx HK Knee press (you can cancel off of the second hit with this move)

cr.HP xx Tackle (can EX into Aegis?)

cr,HP xx HP Fireball xx Tackle (can cancel into super)

V-Trigger/Aegis Combos:

j.HP xx st.HP xx V-trigger/Aegis xx st.HP xx st. HP xx st.MP xx cr. HP xx Ender xx f.hp xx V-Trigger/Aegis xx st.MP xx st. HP xx st.MP xx cr.HP xx Ender

You can expand upon these, be creative with what we have for now! You can style with these combos, but most of them are a waste of meter.

Reserved until further notice.

Hey there. i barley play to be honest, like 2 times a week or something…just started getting back to fighting games slightly, so excuse me please if i am slightly behind. i did vid for Urein with some Miscs, i dont know if you guys know it already or not, though HOPE it’s useful by any means.
thnx and great videos on srk

Cool meaty setups man, I’ll go try these out now. Dope music as well, what’s this track called?

Hey man. Thnx my friend :). i sadly didnt include a BIG CHUNK! i think because i was in a hurry, and that AWEFUL video editing program was very limited…so it must’ve slipped. i will try to re construct the video and upload it within these coming days. nothing biggie but some Setups of meaty Butt head(MP) setups, Drop knee Setups meaty and block and side switches…etc.

as for the music, Glad you like it! it’s the band called Contortionist. prog metal. from their latest album called language. i think the song is called Integration. this album is too good actually(not a fan of the band, but this album is just beautiful). give em a shot if you like prog stuff :slight_smile:

take care now and thnx again. glad i was helpful in anyways

I made a lab combo video in the beginning of July. Perhaps it was necessary to post it here immediately :expressionless:

[quote=“Al_Pachino, post:6, topic:180202”]

I made a lab combo video in the beginning of July. Perhaps it was necessary to post it here immediately :expressionless:


absolutley you should’ve. the combos i am not a fan of to be honest, creative i have to say. but the video started to be intriuging after 5:20.
good stuff man. thanks for sharing that!

Anyone figure out how (or if it’s possible) to get two Aegis combo extensions in a single combo, and without using meter? Trying to see if I can break 600 damage somehow with a CA tacked on at the end.

Very creative.

I saw in a video that you can cancel fMP with Chariot or Headbutt, how can you possibly keep the charge

In the video he also did stLK>Headbutt

The technique is the same as doing stuff like crLK stLP SBK with Chun.

For stLK headbutt you hold down, as your joystick goes to neutral you hit LK and immediately up+HP.

6MP headbutt is the same, [2] 6MP immediately 8HP

For meterless corner combo you guys are doing [whatever] crHP xx HP Fireball xx Tackle ?

Yeah cr.HP xx H fireball (hold slightly), L tackle works. That’s probably his best meterless combo in the corner.

actually you can land mk tackle and also st fp as well lk tackle is inferior.

Here you guys go this is my urien reset concept video. this will get your creative juices flowing :smiley: enjoy guys.

Eh, LK tackle is just easier for me to land consistently against all characters. It also has faster recovery for like 10 less damage and that’s if unscaled. Difference in damage is negligible. St.HP deals a bit more damage than LK tackle, but starts up a couple frames slower. Don’t really wanna take the risk of dropping the combo so I still prefer to use LK. YMMV, I guess.

New player question here. After cr.HP xx HP fireball how are you going into tackle, either light or medium? There doesn’t seem to be time to buffer a charge backwards, or maybe I’m just not doing it early enough in the FB animation. Or is there a shortcut/trick?

as soon as you see the animation begin for urien to fire his fireball you charge as he is starting up his fireball animation. By the time the ball hits and he is dropping you already have the charge set.

Yeah I just hit QCF+HP for the fireball then immediately move to downback to begin charging for HK tackle.

Can you consistently use HK tackle for cr HP x HP fireball or is it dependent on the range? I deon’t have the timing down on it at all and I find that depending on how long you charge the fireball the juggle will be lower/higher and I can’t land the HK tackle. I can pretty consistently hit EX tackle but the HK start up is killing me. Gotta lab it more.

Don’t charge the H fireball at all and just wait a bit until after it hits. Then just input f + HK for the H tackle.

cr. HP > HP fireball > HK tackle is more useful as a meaty cr. HP as it covers both wakeup option 3-framers. And loops into itself over and over again, and depending on their wakeups, they can mix themselves up, and you can also choose which side to land on via HK / MK tackle.

pro tip: cr. HP covers 6 frames, its’ active frames go like this: 1(1)4
aka: 1 active > 1 empty no hitbox > 4 active.

Hence why it covers both wakeups.