Crush, Kill, DESTROY! The Urien Combo Thread

It’s -8 on block, so fuck no.

Thank you. So the charged fireball is only necessary in the corner?

Just did it.
cr hp xx h fireball xx l tackle does 200 damage and 360 stun
cr hp xx h knee drop does 207 and 330 stun
both leave you right in front of the opponent

Fun stuff:
cr. MK cancels into H Tackle

Yeah you only need to charge the fireball slightly in the corner, otherwise it’ll just fly offscreen without juggling the opponent. st.MP, cr.MP, and cr.MK can all cancel into H tackle. cr.MK is useful for nailing opponents from ranges where st.MP and cr.MP would normally whiff, and you can cancel it into fireball as well for a pseudo-shoto cr.MK xx fireball thing. It’s not a true blockstring though, but I guess it’s fine since Ryu has the same problem too.

I guess you can try cancelling the second hit of cr.HP into fireball or H knee drop (if they don’t have an AA that can catch it)?

I would always cancel it into fireball then, EX leaves him at +2. That’s cool though, hadn’t tested meaty setups after HK tackle.

I’m talking about this:

Yeah cr. HP is - on block, if they block just make it + by canceling into EX fireball / EX tackle xx VT and such.

This is just a meaty that covers both wakeup options and loops into itself and has tons of setups from it. That’s why it’s good.

If you have only the second aegis available and two bars, what’s the best stun combo one can get?

Without doing resets; fMP-HP TC, Aegis, sMP, cHP, EX Up Fireball, EX Tackle is 505. If you hit them with a move further out into aegis he can do sHP instead of sMP.

If there’s something more let me know.

This one uses CA but you can just do EX headbutt -> EX tackle at the end instead of it.

I don’t think this one will work since you don’t get the VTC freeze after f.MP-f.HP TC to link into s.MP if you only have second Aegis available, no?

I did j.hp, hp, far reflector, mp,, hk, chp,, far reflector (reset), mp,, c.hp, h.fireball, h.tacke, super.
Probably the best or most practical thing but it works.

Just wanted to post this as I was kinda struggling with the timing on the cr. HP -> Ex MP HP fireball -> b.HK left right mix up. You just have to let the fireball charge all the way and they’ll hit it on the way down, from which you can then combo into the back HK. There’s basically no timing involved. If you cancel the cr HP second hit into the fireball right away all you have to worry about is landing the back HK as soon as the fully charged ex fireball hits. I think it’s actually his easiest juggle once I managed to figure that out. I don’t think anyone else was struggling with it as I haven’t seen anyone post about it aside from Hatzlan’s video, but maybe this’ll clear up any problems for other scrubs like me in the future.

Video in question:


To the best of my knowledge it would still work. If not then replace TC with sMK at longer ranger.

So his cHP as an AA gives him the highest AA damage potential in the game, and lets him set up his resets pretty reliable. Will probably make a video later tonight if there isn’t already one on it…

So they changed b.HK counter hit (opponent gets knocked down), the knee drop recovery on block (doesn’t bouce back on block, only on hit and it’s safer?) and grab combos on Aegis (don’t know if it already was like that). Anyone noticed any other changes?

It seems that cr.MK is no longer cancellable, which means we can no longer do double headbutt combos after CC st.HP unless they reduced its knockback.

Yep, those are all the visible changes @Torgo @Heavy_Mental

Overall, I feel it’s a nerf. The cr. MK and b+HK are pretty huge nerfs to his overall dmg and combo potentials. This means even losing max damage setups via meaty MP headbutt off cr. MK. And the b+HK change is… Completely unnecessary, I see no reason why they changed it. You can’t get anything off it now except maybe in corner or via VT cancels… That’s a big nerf.

The Air Knee Dives definitely look safer now, they changed it so you don’t bounce off when blocked high, and I counted the landing recovery frames, they looked exactly the same (I counted frame-by-frame on the 60 FPS footage). So should not be any changes to the meaty setups via Knee Dives such as the cr. HP setup that covers all both wake-up options. :slight_smile:
So that’s a nice change to Knee Dives, minor buff.

And the OTG off a throw into Aegis is… interesting. At first I saw it as a nerf, since you couldn’t set up an aegis behind them and immediately throw, which then put them immediately into aegis pressure again on their wakeup.

But then I noticed that the OTG off the Aegis makes it a free juggle state! We saw in the footage they juggled with cr. MP after it, so any normal will work! Free juggle!
That definitely made me rethink it, and I now look at it as a buff, since this opens up a lot of new options for mixups after OTG Aegis, that’s a very smart buff, it’s not a very likely situation to happen often, but it’s a neat little change.

So since OTG Aegis is a free juggle state, what is everyone thoughts on the mechanic behind that? Aegis normally isn’t free juggle state, so what do you guys think is happening?

My assumptions are:

  1. It’s free juggle state when OTG from throw (is it possible to OTG without throw?)
  2. It’s free juggle state on only the first hit of Aegis (in the footage, when they threw them into OTG Aegis, they would bounce off it immediately on 1st hit instead of absorbing all 3, as is the behaviour when opponent is in an airborne state)

Overall it’s definitely way harder hitting nerfs than the buffs, but what do you guys think about this OTG Aegis free juggle state situation?

The nerf is pretty bad, it makes it even harder to get aegis combos started, at least for me since I used xx ex.fireball xx aegis. Now Urien doesn’t have an easy confirmable low hitting combo that goes into aegis.
The nerf I still don’t see what exactly was lost, doesn’t hp do everything it did? I just hope we still have that corner mixup.

Not surprised they removed some stuff. 2mk cancel was just too good a tool.

Is that otg thing a bug or capcom legit allows you to do that?

It’s in the game. It was showcased on the WinnerStaysOn Urien showcase stream.

It wouldn’t even be a buff if it wasn’t free juggle state, that’s what makes it interesting.

Just whiff punish or counter poker cancel into Aegis.

While grinding in the lab last night, I found that you can cancel Urien’s fireball into super by using negative edge on the changed fireball. If you do something like qcf + P (hold), qcf qcf + (release) at close blank the fireball will hit and the super will trigger.

Hey guys, I don’t post often, but I thought this was interesting. Urien’s Aegis combos do more damage if using the second aegis reflector.

LP, MP, EX Fireball, aegis, MP, MP, D+HP, QCF+HP, H Chariot = 259 dmg 403 stun during initial activation and does 303 dmg 468 stun during second activation.

You’ll have to forgive my ancient combo notations. It’s been awhile…