Crush, Kill, DESTROY! The Urien Combo Thread



Short combo video by Vesper


j HK, s HP xx VT, s HP, cr MP xx L Headbutt, cr HP xx H Fireball, H Tackle
366 damage / 581 stun

Video here:

Also, here are some 500+ combos:


CC full charge hp, dash hp, trigger, hp, lp headbutt, cr hp, hp fireball, hk shoulder: 402 damage, 615 stun. 568 damage with super

CC non charge hp (up close), b hk, trigger, hp, lp headbutt, cr hp, hp fireball, hk shoulder: 383 damage, 600 stun. 550 with super

CC non charge hp (far) , dash f mp, f hp target, trigger, mp, cr mp, lp headbutt, cr hp, hp fireball, hk shoulder: 353 damage, 590 stun. 523 damage with super

All these combos lets you keep 1 aegis left.


works on standing lp headbutt whiffs on crouchers


I tested it out on crouching opponents, it works because of the crush counter that let them stand up. It will whiff if you are to slow with the headbutt part.


If we’re using CC, I have one with 570 damage, very similar to the first you posted, except in place of “dash hp” for the second hit, you can charge another HP, as its range seems to increase:

Fully charged HP CC, fully charged HP, VT, HP, LP headbutt, cr HP, HP Sphere, HK Tackle xx Super (570 damage, 600 stun)

EDIT: Weird, it does 570 on Vega but 568 on Rashid ?


I’m starting to think that Urien may have character specific BnBs. Just based off what I’ve tried in this thread.


So, most people’s meterless goto on CC S.HP is C.HP xx HP Fireball >> HK Tackle for 300 dmg.

You can actually forfeit a little bit of stun and do CC S.HP into walk back MP Headbutt >> C.LP xx HP Headbutt for 315 dmg and the (preferable, in my opinion) okizeme of headbutt.


This is fair




1 Bar Full VT 1 EX: Cr.LK X2 as the starter



Cr.Hp, LP Headbutt, Cr.Mp, EX Fireball (LP+MP), St.Mp, F.Mp, Cr.Hp, HP Fireball, HK Tackle



How is this supposed to work?


i guess st hp lp headbutt cr mpex firebal 2nd aegis …


It’s still horribly unoptimized and a waste of meter, unfortunately. Aegis is best spent on mixups first before combos, IMO.


Forgive the notation. Should’ve been VT after the EX Fireball.
Is Aegis really better spent on the mixup instead of damage? Also, I’m aware it’s unoptimised. Just wanted some feedback. (Granted I didn’t ask a question initially.)


It’s all good man, no worries.

Obviously it depends on the situation, like if you manage to get a cr.MK or st.MK buffer into full Aegis combo, then go for it. Take whatever damage you can get. Likewise, if you really want to get the most out of Aegis, I prefer using it in mixups for the meter build, stun, and damage. For example, if you get your opponent to block 3 hits of Aegis, that leaves you + enough to visually confirm whether they’re standing or crouching, then you can go for either cr.LK > cr.HP or st.HK (charged) > cr.HP, respectively. Aegis also allows Urien to beat V-reversal with a throw and still be able to combo after. Air Aegis is the best version to use for this application since you can relaunch with cr.HP.


The first Aegis is good for damage the second is better for set up use because of scaling. Obviously if a 2 Aegis combo wins you the game you should take it.


Posting these here since maybe potential stun combo

Last one is most interesting


Thanks Mazio :slight_smile:


Whats the point of using mk tackle in grounded combos? Seems like suicide.