Crush, Kill, DESTROY! The Urien Combo Thread



You use mk shoulder on the ground like you would with lk, but mk has much more active frames, so if you do mk tackle in neutral to close the gap and you hit them on the last active frames you have much more frame advantage on hit to do a bigger combo.


@p1nkt1t5 There’s no point in using it in combos that leave them standing because -3 (on hit).

But it is 10f active so you can use it as a proper meaty. Or space it out to hit on the later active frames to continue pressure or to combo after. It’s use isn’t for combos really. Think of it as Rog’s dash punch but with less room for error.


So… -> cr.lp -> mk.tackle is -3 ON HIT?! wtf? how do I combo crouchers?


LK Tackle


ok… :confused: thx


Even better urien mixups off of or xx v trigger: xx v trigger>cr.mpx2,cr.hp xx (FULL CHARGE) ex up fireball xx v trigger> fmp xx H headbutt crossup.

Does 257 before the mixup. Followups can do as much as 260 or so for meter, and 212 for no meter. So a total of about 470 damage for one bar from a!


Confused. Does the 2nd v trigger hit them in the air as they fall from the mp hp fireball?


Yes. They fall into it from the charged mp hp fireball. Then they bounce off the aegis towards you. Then you hit them with Fmp and that knocks them back towards the aegis in invincible reel (they land on their feet but are invincible till they land) and you cancel the Fmp into h headbutt and crossunder them and they get crossed up as they land.


works with sthp > cr mp > cr hp for more damage


speaking of ex fireball aegis mixups i saw automatock twitter he does not charge the ex fireball then dash f+mp 2nd aegis and u get more damaging combos for a high low mixup


I just need to confirm this:

5hp xx exdive, ex tackle does not work in the corner.

Thnks. I cant get it to work in the corner, and just wanted to if its the same for others.


Nope, doesn’t work


Damn its almost as if i gotta keep em out of the corner. Kinda dumb.


what is the spacing required after back throw dizzy to get the roundhouse jab loops?


Just whiff an HK knee drop and charge s.hp.


I can do Urien’s Trial 10 combo easily but I feel this one is more flashy than damaging.

What are more useful/damaging comboes I can get from CC St. HP (with or without V-Trigger)?


First of all that combo doesn’t show the real damage because it stops the damage in the beginning of the super since the trial is done.

Second, just do your regular bnb after CC:

Cr.hp xx upfireball>H tackle

You can throw in various ex specials in there at different times to pump up your damage or increase/decrease your okizeme followups but it’s to numerous to just start listing all the options you have off of cr.hp depending on meter


my meterless vtrigger crush counter is cc hp v trigger into dash charged hk into cr.hp fireball combo


Sort of old? Haven’t seen it posted here. It’s also probably one of the hardest combos in the game to do consistently (as it seems to be with all headbutt loops)


This is good to know if its going to end a round.

off of a non CC sweep if you activate v trigger (foward) you can immediately super allowing it to combo regardless of their wake up recovery option

of course with a CC sweep its free to combo into if you have the bar

example : is blocked into a sweep activate v trigger super

actually i think screen freezing as an anti air is just a good thing to get in the habit of especially since it can bounce them when they jump full screen