Crush, Kill, DESTROY! The Urien Combo Thread



cr lk, cr mp, s lk, lk tackle, CA = 363 damage
cr lk, cr mp, lk tackle, CA = 372 damage


Damage scaling. The ten points of damage are negligible for the extra confirm time, even if it’s just as easy to omit it. Just my opinion though.


One perk i could see with the s lk omit is spacing. For the four hit combo, you would have to be very close to confirm the s lk.

The three hit, however, can apply for a wider spacing range allowing you to land that killer CA to end the round.


That is a great point


Does anyone know the forward throw setup to head butt loop larger characters? Please share. Thanks!


So these are the supposed changes to Urien, I don’t know if any of it is true, but if it is, it’s pretty great.
Easier anti-air st.HK, more time for Aegis shenanigans, better normal pressure and a fucking cross up.

-Aegis Reflector seems to stay out longer than before change from -2 -> +1 on block changed from 0 -> +1 on block

  • step kick ( b+hk) changed to df+hk
    -cross up lk is added


Wish they would buff cr hp anti air


Vent post:
Head butt loop is my most frustrating thing to master 5 reps in a row. Either I fking bypass the jab alttogether and head butt the next move or jab too late I suppose and stun them out of the loop.
Gdfkingdmnit!!! About to have a smashed te2 in the garbage can


any chargeless combos you recommend for optimal damage?


some stuff by rotbah


what is my best aegis combo if i land cornered TC on a STANDING opponent in the corner?
i know RB has the reset he does on the Ken play at red bull
but what is good for straight DMG


S2 new BnB: c.hp whiff lp headbutt c.hp air fireball tackle

You can mash second c.hp against big characters but not against tiny characters because he’ll cross under.

Anybody find any timing tricks for this yet to make it easier?


While looking for 3s-like juggles I found out this corner combo.

damage and stun are good for the resources, in my vid it’s just from raw cHP but of course you can add more damage with charged sHK, any jump in, sHP cc before


Corner: [up close] charge HK x cr hp, slight charge hp fb x f mp x hold forward to switch

having trouble connecting the ex tackle after the lk tackle.



the lk tackle has to hit early, if the opponent falls too much the ex won’t connect. After several tries I found that after the aegis activation, backdash sMP sMP gives me the perfect timing for the lk tackle.
If your trouble is with the last ex tackle charge you just have to be as clean as possible with the charges. You can execute the ex tackle a little earlier than the visuals would suggest. It’s not a super easy combo, it took me a while to understand the timing.

Oh, also I tried that with the first aegis activation. I didn’t check if the LK tackle is different if you use the second aegis instead.


What is his new max damage corner combo w/0 vTrigger? Also what is his max damage reset? Double Cr.hp into fireball -> feels like it could me optimized.


I’ve actually found stand short stand strong to be a bit easier to use to get the timing for the first tackle.


A hybrid of you two worked for me. I guess it all depends on your backdash timing.
Damage: 422 with charge st HK.
Stun: 651


It seems like the issue with cross-under is distance specific. Like a max distance cr.hp seems to be easier to land than not on the smaller characters. But i still can’t quite get the juggle consistently.
For example, CH, cr.hp xx lp.hb, cr.hp feels SUPER consistent.

Edit: @Darkorn Since you posted a question about this in the other thread


I just made a short video about cr.HP LHBW cr.HP (Don`t forget to enable subtitles!)
I hope it will help somebody! If it will not - there is some optimal cr.HP combos i found

LHBW = Light Headbutt Whiff
(2) = 2 hits
(1) = 1 hit

Cr.HP, LHBW, cr.HP, qcf HP, H Tackle (252/403)
Cr.HP, LHBW, cr.HP, qcf MP+HP full charge, H Tackle (299/443) 1 bar
Cr.HP, LHBW, cr.HP, Back EX Knee Drop, EX Tackle (351/518) 2 bar
Cr.HP, qcf HP, H Tackle xx CA (471/360) 3 bar

Cr.HP(2), cr.HP(1), MK Knee Drop, f.MP (255/448) gives +8 frame advantage
Cr.HP(2), cr.HP(1), MK Knee Drop, EX Tackle (311/518) 1 bar
Cr.HP(2), cr.HP(1), qcf MP+HP, EX Tackle (334/478) 2 bar
Cr.HP(2), cr.HP(1), MK Knee Drop, CA (444/378) 3 bar