Crush, Kill, DESTROY! The Urien Combo Thread



Thanks, indeed i’m having difficulties landing the second cr.HP consistently. I won’t try it too much in ranked matchs for now.


Perfect analysis ! Many thanks



About the last part, where Urien crosses down after EX diagonal fireball to f.MP, is cr.LK the only way to keep pressure without getting hit by some random light attack ? Earlier i tried to hit with cr.HP again after that cross down, thinking that there would be enough time, but i get countered by the opponent’s st.LP. Maybe i’m not dashing fast enough ? Or there are safer followups than that ?


Bison looks like he recovers too quickly to do anything slower than a light or medium



that stuff is surprisingly hard to pull off…


That headbutt loop is too dope.

Btw, has anyone gotten that cr. Hp, early cancel LHBW cr. Hp timing down as yet? Just started to mess around with Urien a bit as I’m bored with my other characters. Thanks for that vid Fido, very helpful


feels like you just have to do it really late… was fucking around with that combo into meaty setups in training against Bison and chunli. I really had to delay my second crouch hp…

But a funny thing I’ve found while doing that:
doing ‘cr.hp (2hits) xx lhbw (whiff), cr.hp (whiff /cross under),’ will actually beat quickrise 3framers (counterhit) and then you can go straight into cr.hp again… since counterhit combos into cr.hp now…
it’s ridiculous!

PS: You can intentionally let it whiff by pressing it super early and make use of that hard knockdown somehow… Only thing I literally just came up with was:
cr.hp (2hits) xx lhbw (wff), cr.hp (wff), CA. (has to be put in backwards since you cross under)

It actually combos due to Uriens CA magically hitting OTG but it’s super risky obviously.
Maybe there is some way to setup weird aegis blocks through that too, like: 2nd cr.hp (wff), close trigger activation, mp headbutt to the other side right as they wake up.
(not tested yet, could be that it doesnt work at all).

tbqh, I dont think double cr.hp combos will see much use outside of certain matchups… I’d only go for it against birdie, gief, balrog (afaik) since you dont need timing there at all.


Yea I was thinking that as well, that timing is just too strict. It almost feels like it works randomly n other times it doesn’t. It’s suave as hell though.

That meaty st. Mp after the second cr. Hp whiffs is nice, might just be worth doing it sometimes for that


You should do double cr.hp combos also after / counter hits, works on everyone. Easy hit confirms.


Yea I saw that on the other thread as well. Thanks. I am definitely having a ball playing with Urien


What am I doing wrong? That’s his staple combo no? I show it hitting in video #3.


cr. lk (block), charge st. hp -> st. mp xx EX light fireball -> f. mp xx heavy headbutt works in the corner.

His old loop from Season 1 is back (with just one loop)!

It’s a throw bait so you can’t do it against Bison or Urien or chars with large throw ranges just like the st. hk charge bait.

Tested against Gief and Ibuki for Big/Small body it doesn’t matter.


When you crouch, your hitbox becomes fatter. This is a pretty universal fact for fighting games. That’s why it’s whiffing in the first two videos because both Chun and Akuma are standing and since their hitbox is thinner while standing, you’re too far out of range for your st. lk to connect. This isn’t a character specific combo if Ryu were standing it would also whiff on him.


This is because cr.MP has more pushback now in season 2. This combo/blockstring was useful in S1, but now the st.LK won’t always connect.


Very informative thanks


Courtesy of Rotbah

Traditional CC combo: 327 damage
Optimal CC combo: 380 damage

CC x CA combo: 527 damage, 501 stun
Optimal CC combo: 543 damage, 563 stun


nemo 3.5