Cryamore - Metroid, Zelda and Legend of Mana Action RPG Lovechild! (Kickstarter in motion)

Yo has anybody that isn’t me heard about this?. I’m digging the character design, for one, and I likea ll of the inspirations their taking here :stuck_out_tongue: . I unno, I’ll probably pledge 15$ or something later.

I do wonder how ridiculous some puzzles will get with 81 element thingies to choose from >_>

I dislike the kid’s gold tooth tho. I just don’t like them :V

I had been following the artist for a few months now and was hyped for this. Already put money towards the kickstarter.

The prizes for this game blow.

I’m more excited about Radio the Universe, which has already been funded, but this looks pretty interesting. The Climb, Lest I Fall theme is a good listen too.

damn that looks awesome, gonna have to keep up with this one.

Cryamore looks neat. I hope this game exceeds its target.

The art style reminds me of Cave Story. One guy is making this game?

The cartoon part of the trailer was too annoying for me to be able to look much at the gameplay. Maybe when there is more gameplay i can put my money behind it.

Cryamore sounds really interesting for gamers nostalgic of the 90’s, the 4th wall breaking video was pretty funny, and after reading their page it’s nice to see they have a very specific vision for the game instead of just saying “hey we’re going to combine all those games you like!”, trust us it will be awesome. Could be good we’ll see.

That being said Radio the Universe looks in-fucking-credible totally had a nerdgasm watching that video looks like someone wanted to make Cave Story 2 with a Jet Set Radio Future inspired art style, seriously I’m shocked I’ve never heard about it before. The level design, art, mechanics, and that fucking score are all on point I know I’m going to end up watching this video a few dozen times:rofl:

On the Kickstarter it says “Whaddaya get when you blend obsolete Steampunk with Zelda, Secret of Mana, & Megaman?” and they’ve got videos of those games… is that… legal?

so where and when would i be able to download radio the universe?

Just looks like there’s more of a year wait for the game too. Don’t exactly feel comfortable that they get to hold
money for over a year while giving you really nothing back for the money. Yeah I know the game takes time and
all but I’ve really noticed this happening a lot with kickstarter stuff. Heck I got in on the whole Pier Solar thing.

What if after a year or so they just decide to keep your money or something? Believe me I’d love to support this
one too. Just really worried that they could just be drawing interest on all that money too as well and not giving
anything back for a whole year. What if it gets delayed even longer too?

This soundtrack sounds good.

The prizes for this game blow.

It’s got quite the crew working on it!