Crysis 3 PC Beta?


Anyone else cracking out on this? I’m looooving this game right now, I’ve put in close to three hours since this morning and it’s just so beautiful and satisfying to kill people in. The maps are great and both give you a wide range of areas to use each weapon type efficiently. The modes are really fun takes on classic stuff like King Of The Hill and Zombies, and the alien heavy weapons put Halo’s fuel rod cannon to shame.

What’s everyone’s IGN? Mine is; PapaRh1no


I gave it a try earlier. Looks gorgeous but my fps gets pretty spikey at times. Maybe that will be resolved with the game’s release.

Hunter mode is dope


My FPS drops seem to be related to the coding and the network, I get the same drop on Low/Medium that I do on Very High settings, and aside from the certain ones everything is smooth as butter, so hopefully it’s better on release.


How does it compare to Crysis 2?


Yeah, loaded everything up on high settings with the AA set at 4x I believe. Was getting sub 30’s so I dropped it down to 2x and I had a smooth 55-60 fps. Firefights would drop me to mid 30’s rather quickly though, so I reset my settings to medium and was still getting roughly the same fps patterns.

Good to know its probably not problems on my end though


Crysis is the truth, the modern day savior for multiplayer fps, downloading on pc right now.


I can’t really compare the two, I hear 2 really sucked in comparision to one though, I only played the beta for Crysis 2 on 360.

I hold pretty solid FPS but the staggering drop are really irritating and made me stop playing on the packed servers this afternoon, still fun, but earlier in the morning it was better I think. I Nano Suit Rebooted once already though, so I think I p[played enough until night. GTX 680 holds it pretty damn well.

I’m inclined to agree if they can get the game stable and work on the matchmaking, I’ve been matched with niggas with 400 ping teleport sniping me with shotguns, not cool.


I think those that said it sucked were just salty PC fanboys who didn’t like changes that suited consoles. Personally I thought it was solid game online, but campaign sucked.


i held a steady locked 30fps in the MP alpha. going to give this one to see what i get out of it.


Damn I hope so with that beast of a card. My 660 is holding up really well though.

I’m thinking I may mess around with some v-sync settings if possible to make it more smooth


I think my CPU bottlenecks a bit in Crysis 3 though, I’m running a Phenom X6 1100T Black Edition


Might have to try this on 360.

Oh how I’ve missed playing Crysis 2/3. It’s definitely my favorite style of FPS this gen.


Killzone 2, Section 8: Prejudice, Battlefield: Bad Company 1/2, UT3 and the Resistance series were all(imo) more fun than Crysis 2’s MP. Keep in mind the TimeSplitters developers made the MP aspect of Crysis 2!

I’d like to try this out but I sure as fuck am not installing Origin on my PC. I’d try it on consoles but I don’t care enough for some reason. I just want to play the campaign while shitting my pants at the graphics.


Yea Fuck Origin. Steam is enough thank you.


I’ll never play Battlefield 3 on my PC even though I would love to, considering the console version is gimped in comparison. Sadly, Origin is an extremely shady piece of software that I never want on my PC.


Why is Origin considered so shady?


Tsktsktsk, you don’t know? The software scans your computer to sell your knowledge about shit to others who try to sell you shit. Basically, it’s the new Megaupload, except they haven’t been wasting time asking about whether you want that double d in the eye socket.


It records info of your PC/software installed(mostly games) among other things and sends that info to EA. The Ubisoft version of Steam/Origin is fucked up too, and people stay away from it as well. You should Google it for more info. is the best out of Steam/Origin/etc. It doesn’t have DRM on their games like Steam and Origin, and you don’t need an always online connection to play shit.


So what is my choice than? Either install them or not play the better PC games? What are the repercussion of letting them have that information?