According to a press release issued on 29 June 2016 by PepsiCo:

ABC News said an 8 week run, like that Mountain Dew Orange Summer eww

SRK Demographics Explained in a GD specific Graphic -McRib NATION - Whats your Eccentricity?


I will drink it and it will go great by itself or with vodka it will be the drink of everyone forever.


The black kid is locking on like Will Smith’s INDEPENDENCE DAY son with a HEAT SEEKER

He’s just waiting for everyone to move.

There were no good captions of his plight & how he really wants that PURPLE STUFF. Please share if you got one.


I don’t care about the celebrity deaths. 2016 too strong


no animay options in the poll.
deal with it (weird) nerds

Purple Stuff seems to have existed for 6 years


Fuck that.

If I wanted to drink piss I would buy Smirnov Ice.


Damn. I’ll have to find that pic of Seth Killian challenged to chug one (Smirn-ICE),
and he absolutely did, now.

mcwarrior wins?

A Jim Morris original

Your Homey on TV, blazin the trail, not you people Pepsi.


How old are you?


Hell yeah I’m gonna try crystal Pepsi… I missed out the last time


I don’t even like regular pepsi that much.

maybe, but that coke doe


I don’t think they could get away with their kind of keep up/copy

Especially if its called the CLEAR COKE

sounding like razor’s back alley spidergoo’d on drug deals


havent drank soda since 2012

not about to start now


Yo I remember that Crystal Pepsi X Ecco The Dolphin advertisements. Bring dat new Ecco with my Crystal Cola.


It’s all about that next cowboys!!!


That Sunny D gif… they already had real orange juice in the fridge



Yeah I tried the ginger one because of the sale price at Safeway

Bad Move


I felt like such a baller back then. My parent’s friends from California brought some here a few weeks before it hit the Midwest.


I like coke, I’ll stick to coke.


Where do you live? Haven’t been to a Safeway since I lived in Wyoming