CS game reported as real school shootout. Cops bust a gamer streaming


Title pretty much says it all. This dude was playing while streaming and apparently the shots of the game were heard by someone in the school who called the cops.
Its funny, but on the other hand I hope he doesn’t get into trouble, he really did nothing wrong.
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EDIT: Apparently nobody thought the shots were real. Someone called the cops as a prank against the streamer.

Video of arrest here.


Was he playing in school? did not watch video


I want to see the chat logs for when he got arrested.


Must have been some really good speakers.


Why would anyone be playing a game on their school PC in the first place let alone stream from there? :wtf: I played bubble trouble on freearcade.com and slime volleyball during my marketing class in 10th grade as did my entire class, but streaming CS from a college library or wherever?..just seems odd.


Ok, since they saw that there was no shooting, why do they arrest him?


Default volume for CS:GO can be VERY… VERY loud. Like god damn tinnitus inducing loud.

What’s weirder is that the player had the volume up that loud… on speakers, in a school environment. That’s asking for it lol.


If I where the cops I’d be pissed.


Uh oh! I hope the cops don’t confiscate that candy apple red Glock I found the other day…

…In CS:GO.


lol the guy mentioned he was streaming to the cops and the cop questioning him replied “why would people be watching you, you don’t even move”.

Also apparently the guy that reported this guy did it as a prank… and called through his landline. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLP.


I remember setting up CS or Quake 3 Arena that was on my school’s cloud FTP server in one class multiple times where the teacher didn’t give a shit…for a few weeks lol. They were shitty speaker-less desktops that usually took a good half hour to C&P files to individual computers/set up the network (the computer were setup to reset to factory after every restart) but …good times were had. :coffee:

shakes cane


Ok… I know this probably inappropriate, but if anyone wants to play CS:GO now, my Steamid is [SRK] Coolsword123.


In my HS programming course the whole class used to LAN CS. Someone had a floppy disk with the whole years assignments completed, and maybe since the teacher was one of those football coaches who just read the book verbatim, he never busted our balls when every class was just each student alt tabbing out of CS to show him the exact same assignment, line for line, character for character, as each student he just checked.


I was reading the reddit more closely and apparently somebody called in as a prank. Nobody confused the shots with real ones.
It was just someone who wanted to troll them.

Video Game General 4.0: You wanna enjoy your console? There's an app for that

In SWAT situations they have to. From the police point of view, there is no way of knowing what is going on until all the rooms are checked and everyone involved is detained and questioned.

In HS there was an outdated computer lab that had tank wars, it was great.


CS:GO is really fun btw ! Has some serious depth that the majority of fps’s can’t match.


This is actually commonly done to streamers and is known as swatting.


Shit is getting out of control. Shit isn’t funny, and I won’t be surprised when shit eventually goes way south due to one of these “pranks”.

Video Game General 4.0: You wanna enjoy your console? There's an app for that

I’ll money match any of you in slime volleyball, I’m pretty rusty been about 8 or 9 years, but with a little practice I can get back to my toptier status. What an awesome game I missed it.


That’s really fucked up


I personally don’t find this prank funny.