CSFAC Round 3 Vote

Hey there everybody. so I guess Round two is pretty much done as of today. Time to vote for round 3.

My participation for round 3 may be more limited. I’m not sure yet. I don’t have a lot of free time, and I kind of feel like my basic foundation art skills are starting to slip a little bit, so I think I might start doing anatomy studies and stuff again for my recreational drawing.

If others are still interested in continuing the challenge, I’ll still be happy to set it up though, and I’ll definately participate, just maybe not as fully or as promptly. Additionally, Chrno has made an offer to run round 3 much like I did the first one, with the proper web gallery, but with a catch. He’s a Darkstalkers fan, so he’ll only want to do that if Darkstalkers wins the vote.

Here are my thoughts on the games, and some reasons why they were chosen or not chosen.

Darkstalkers: Very unique characters. Most people are at least somewhat familiar with the series. Decent amount of official art out there. Chrno will run a proper gallery.

Marvel Super Heroes or X-Men: CotA: Don’t we all have a Marvel comics fan inside somewhere that wants to draw some superheroes? Instantly recognizable characters.

Guilty Gear: Cool characters, good fanbase.

Project Justice: While the designs are not as crazy as DS or GG, the characters in PJ are a lot of fun.

Garou: For the SNK fans. Some cool characters, but some boring ones too, IMO. However, it is a relatively short roster, so it would be a breeze to make it through.

No Tekken, SC, VF, or DoA because judging from the votes last time, those 3D games just don’t stand a chance on a Capcom message board.

I left out smaller niche games like Last Blade and JoJo because only a handful of people are familiar with them, and there isn’t really much art out there for reference. The same could be said for Garou, but Garou got enough votes last time to deserve a second chance.

Votes will be accepted for two weeks from today. Happy voting :slight_smile:


P.S. SNK heads, pls. support the KOF one ;( It’s easy to find in this forum.

P.P.S. I have some 3s ones that I’ve yet to scan. Oh well, I’ll just put them on my own thread or something if it’s indeed too late.

It was a toss up between ggx and darkstalkers, but my heart went with project justice. haha. I just know pj alot more than ggx and ds.

edit: what the? pj was at 0 and it’s now at 3. 4neqs post wasn’t even here yet. Looks like you beat me to it. You guys are hella fast.

Guilty Gear!

No matter what game wins though, I’m gonna try to participate regularly.

I love all those games, but my heart goes out to Project Justice as well. It’s like the last fighting game they ever bothered to give a damn for.

Plus Momo, me loves Momo ~<3

HOORAY! Voting time!

Yip, I’m a goddamn sucker for PJ too.

One of my fave 3D fighters of all time. Me and my bro have worn out 3 Dreamcasts playing it.

That’s not to say it’s not a tough choice. Cos’ I was very close on Darkstalkers and Garou Mark of the Wolves (One of the few SNK games I play).

It’s always interesting to see how this thread swells with votes from different games. I wonder if it’ll be as close as last time.

I voted DS, but I’m really too busy & tired these days to keep up with a challenge (I haven’t even gotten down to doing Alex & Gill – two of my fave chars in SF3). I dunno how active I’ll be in the next one :frowning:

A vote for PJ is a vote for awesome shit. Rest assured I won’t be recycling these but I feel obliged to share. :looney:



You monster. :annoy:

As much as I dislike this game, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to say GG. It’s good eye candy.

PJ for me

Project Justice.

though I’d like to take a crack on DS sometime.

Man I’d pay you guys just do portraits of Momo I’m so bad.


I love those sketches, adorable as hell.

Akira’s face in the second piece is priceless.


4Neqs that second PJ cartoon is priceless. :smiley: Digging the Wizard of Oz theme.

While I’d still much rather do Garou, and it’s what I voted for…I’m not against doing DS. It’s just alot of the characters haven’t aged well in their appeal.

I’ll defenitely try whatever goes down (especially if it’s Supes. theme or RS). It’s not gonna be in color but anything would be cool.

i voted garou, cast is not overly huge.

Do you even need to ask?

guilty gear definitelyyyy

I almost missed out. Its time for a change although I don’t know anything about most of these games.

I’ll be an odd ball and go with MSH ftw.

I’m glad you mentioned me, and everyone, whatever the choice, the artwork will still be amazing, like always. Anywho, DS for me