CSFAC round 4: Darkstalkers

I have no idea how popular this is going to be. However, I think it’d be cool to get this started up again. Unfortunately I don’t have time to put up a website like Chain, but I think we can make due without one.

Since there’s so many characters, we’ll do 3 characters a week. That way people can get to their favorite characters quicker, and we’ll cut down on “skipping” to the following week of characters. Also we’ll be able to finish this in a little over a month, and not drag it out over a long period of time.

Here’s the list;
Week 1: Feb. 15-22
Aulbath (Rikuo)
B. B. Hood

Week 2: Feb. 22-Mar. 1

Week 3: Mar. 1-8
Gallon (J. Talbain)

Week 4: Mar. 8- 15

Week 5: Mar. 15-22
Q. Bee

Week 6: Mar. 22-29
Zabel (L. Raptor)

There are also a few random select characters that you can draw at anytime during the six weeks;


If you need reference for the characters, you can go here;


Chrno has also provided us with a website;


At the end of the 6 weeks, people will pick their best picture and we’ll set up a poll where people will pick the top picture from the contest. The winner will be crowned champ and be allowed to choose the next subject matter.

Sign me up for Jedah/Q-Bee/Morrigan/Demitri. I guess I can link to my old stuff too. Like so http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/11464486/

…and probably some naughty QBee ones that I’ll most likely be embarrassed about right now. ;x



Things are pretty full-on at the mo’ But I’ll whip up at least a Biro Sketch by the end of the week :slight_smile:

Darn, I wanted to run this one, well I guess time never permitted me to run this one. Hope to see some good pics. Along with a proper gallery, but eh, it won’t matter I guess. Hope to see some good pics.

Hanzou, that Anakaris is hot man.

Glad to see a new CSFAC is starting up and I hope that I can find the time to participate a little here and there.

that anakaris is awesome.

HFS! you guys are Speedy! Insane work! Very tidy Hanzou :tup:

I think this is a good time for me to make a comeback. Hello again fanart crew! I’ll do my best to contribute.:smile:

(why must Zabel be last :sad:)

quick BBhood

Mr Twelve back from the Ashes! Awesome!

Here’s my Anakaris I drew late last night in bed while my girlfriend slept. 4 Color pens are mega-fun!


I’ll probably have only enough time for one or so a week. Next week is going to be a hard choice. But I think it’ll be Donovan by the nose :slight_smile:

I suck at drawing (so im unsure if my compliment will come off positive or not, but please take it as such) You guys all draw great.

I wish I could fucking draw crazy cool stuff with pen. ha

keep it up.


I’m gonna start a proper website for this soon. I believe why the first challenge was so successful was because it was in a proper website and easily viewed. I hope more art comes in, so that I can put them all down.

Website will be in a similar format to the original CSFAC.

I’ll get it up and running soon. Though at a rate of three characters per week, I’m unsure that we’ll get enough art for every character.

Off to making the site!

Hey dudes. Glad to see someone else picked this up after I dropped it :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’ll have time to participate fully, but I’ll definately try to do a few of them. Everything looks great so far. I’m especially diggin Hanzou’s. Wow, really great sense of structure. Can’t wait to see what else you guys come up with!

Alright, I spent the last hour or so putting the website up. Check it out!



It follows the idea of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

What took me so long was finding pictures of Anita and Dee! Yep…hope you enjoy.


I guess Anak is the popular one this week. Killer stuff from everyone.


SWEEEEET works guys! Man, I gotta come by more, this started yesterday? Cool, I’m not too far behind. :slight_smile:

I love you guys.

That’s a SWEET looking Rikuo.What pencils did you use? DA GAME will be doing Donovan,Demitri,Morrigan & Hsien-Ko when he has a chance.