CSFAC: Street Fighters' Day Jobs (it has begun!)

We’re trying out a new free-for-all format this time around. We’re gonna run this thing for three weeks (we can always extend it if it’s still going strong), during which time feel free to draw Street Fighter characters in what you think they would/could/should do when they’re not duking it out with one another :slight_smile:

Cast is open to anyone from any of the SF games. So anyone who’s appeared as a playable character in the SF1, SF2, SF3, SF4, SFA, SFEX game series.

Surprise us with your ingenuity :slight_smile:

^Lol I love it!

I shall return with a piece

the scary part is that the underwear remains stiff as a board when it’s held up :slight_smile:

ot: one girl left my house and left her underwear hanging on the lower shower nozzle for baths. i picked it up with my finger said “ha women” threw it on to the hamper…that shit stuck in the same position stiff as a board…wtf?

im gunna try to submit something here

rolls eyes

lol. i see what you meant about the hand. but nice job on sakura. can never go wrong with sakura :smiley:

Glad you liked it :smiley:

Behold…Remy working the runway at a random fashion show


btw there are a few inside jokes in the pic if yall watch reality TV lol

^ so fitting. good stuff.

oh you are so fierce

Lol thanx guyz!

btw Rook can we submit more than one?

^ there’s no limit. have fun :slight_smile:
Remy as a model suits him pretty well, lol

Supposed to be Sean. :confused:

lmao. poor sean.

Always thought of Urien as a car salesman or a lawyer.

Junkyard [walking pose was off. Fixed]


Damn…mighty nice ideas :smiley:

rofl! nice job Sas

esp poor Sean. kid can’t catch a break…

I should do a few soon. Great stuff everyone!

Ya know what I had such a fun day today I’m in the mood. I’ll get something fast before tomorrow

Editz: Really rough but you get the idea.

Re-ed: [media=youtube]1dWY838GZXk"[/media]