CSFAC: Street Fighters' Day Jobs (it has begun!)

creepiest. picture. ever. i hope you’re happy when i’m rollling in bed from all the akuma-clown nightmares. i can see it now. i’m gonna get raging demon’d in my sleep… and then a pie in the face.

lol. seriously tho. i never would’ve thought of akuma as a clown. farthest thing from my mind. nice one.

wow some great ideas in here! That is a scary akuma!

This still needs some work, especially the shoulders and the clothes but I’m too wiped.


OMG yall are too good lol
I love the edit:Shit I got him and Twelve mixed up dammit!
I always do that

hey dreaded, its not completely fleshed out but i like it as it is. leaves your imagination to fill in whatever isnt there

Isn’t that supposed to be Twelve? Since he is tan…

Its not necro…and its not just the tan. Its the overall shape

Lol I’m sorry

for some strange reason I always get Necro and Twelve confused
…maybe cuz they share the same awesome music lol.

I’ll make it up by having V.rosso shampooing in his hair salon


lol Elena is working with him

LOL at cammy gettin that braid.


Sorry, the anatomy is off.


lol! imagining bison having to deal with kids is scary!


i’m really digging all of these in here, especially DF’s twelve and sas’ sean at mcdonalds. poor sean never had a chance at a career in fighting games:shake:

Morrigan: Buy me things!
Ken: OK!

hahaha you guys have some great stuff here.

As soon as I saw this, I wondered what Q would be up to. This is what I think happens when he’s not watching any major world events. I mean… I guess it’s a job… or something… fail

This is probably one of the best ever threads.

Good shit guys :tup:


lol. good job everyone!

EDIT: DFist – u’ve levelled up quite a bit since we last saw yr stuff, good going man :slight_smile:

EDIT2: digging the pocket fighter reference in Lupin’s pic


That Q one is awesome. Good shi’.

^Yup yup

that is tooo funny lol I also peeped that Pocket Fighter reference
and the Principal Bison one is killing me
what did Sean and Yun do lol?

LOL, that fucking Q one is amazing…haha

ken’s getting ready to be killed by his wife , and i forgot her name . reminds me of ken’s ending in pocket fighter lol

kinna looks like the viva la bam guy who always wears the dress button shirt.

the q rocks as well. the stomp just made it 10x better. stomp while flashing, thats 10x more alarming

daaaamn! awesome idea of him hangin there. solid pose and bg! :tup: