CSFAC: Street Fighters' Day Jobs

coming soon…


Do people have dibs on characters or will they be assigned?

gimme a week or so to set it up… I’m currently sick as a dog and don’t have the energy to handle this now.

the rules for the old challenges might help, so go look at them for now. just do a search for “csfac” and check out the first post in the thread.

ok… update: My baby girl came ahead of schedule (woot!) and I’m not gonna have the time to set this up (boo). Can someone who who knows how the CSFAC works come up with the schedule? Or if no-one does it, I’ll prolly be settled enough in a couple weeks from now to set things up.

apologies all… but I have a newborn to attend to :slight_smile:

congratulations man!

CONGRATS MAN!!! :woot: That’s awesome news! Many blessings to you and your family!

Congratulations Rook! let us know how things are man. :woot::woot::woot::woot::woot::woot:

:rock: Congrats rook! :rock:

Wow that’s really great! Congrats dude!

Maybe this thread should be changed to “rook’s awesome announcement”.:wgrin:

Congratulations man!

Congrats dood!!!:wgrin:

nice. congrats!

congrats Rook!

many congrats rook! i hope you manage to get some sleep.

Congratulations Rook!

Goddamn… shubacca… your avatar.:rofl:

that’s actually my baby niece at 3 months. my mom was playin with the baby and made her stretch her arms out. after a violent double take, i commanded that she make her do it again for my camera.

something to look forward to, rook.

Ahh… cute story.:smile:

Don’t forget to save the pic and show it to her in 10years time.:bgrin:

Congradulations Rook!

good shit rook =DDDDDDD