CSFAC2: Vote for your game of choice!

OK, here it is. What will be the next game?

I’ll be counting votes until the end of the month.

For some of the games I didn’t choose a specific game, but just a series, and we can decide which specific one later, if it wins.

Vote away!

[EDIT] Sorry to the first two people who voted on the identical thread I made before this and deleted, you’ll have to vote again. I screwed up the poll close date on the first one.

I’m torn between ProJus and KOF, but in the end voted for the latter.

I love the work you guys did in the SF art thread. I can’t wait to see more.

Damn, MotW or DS… that’s a tough one.

Oooh, Soul Cali? That’s gonna take some dedication. I don’t have the concepts memorized…

I’m going for it!

I voted for 3s of course. And plus the redos are only all the shotos and chun.

Looks like a dead heat between MotW and SF3s

Heck yes! I’m wanting to 3rd Strike it too. Manily cos want to see everyones take on the crazy designs. And cos’ it’s my Favorite fighting game of all time!

Yun, Urien, Gill, Makato… OOoooooo I got my fingers crossed.

come on guys, vote for DS you will have alot of fun drawing these character!!! im kind of tired just drawing human character, so i want to try something new that i havent try before is to try to draw mixed human/animal character…

I agree, but it looks like we’re the only ones who voted for it. :frowning:

Well I don’t mind doing MotW either. I’m just tired of doing SF.

the 3rd of the 3rd.

Mark of the Wolves !

We just DID a capcom game people, who cares if you don’t have the art books, I’ve never really played the game but I’d much rather do an SNK game.

SNK’s designs > Capcom’s

The game I would REALLY want to do, is Marvel Super Heroes.

Iconic comic book characters > video game fighting people

As much as I like 3rd Strike and Vampire Savior (heck… they’re my fave fighting games of all time)… I voted for Mark of the Wolves because the roster is nice n small + the characters in the game rock + we don’t see much MotW fanart here.:smile:

What am I saying? Am I even going to participate? I hope so!!!

i personally think marvel is pretty boring to me, cause they all basically have same design, they always wear tight shirt and pants lol…

Hmm, this is a tough call. To be honest I don’t want to do 3S now… as much as I love it and its cast, I’d much prefer a change of pace now that we’ve just gone through A3. KOF and Tekken I draw a lot anyway, so I’d prefer something that’d give me an excuse to draw stuff I otherwise wouldn’t. And the rest just don’t seem very appealing at all. Maybe it was never more than people being silly, but I would still really love to do either Killer Instinct or Mortal Kombat, lol.

I don’t think any of the games are so uninteresting that I’d completely skip participating, but none of them would’ve been my first hand choices, I think. Beh, I dunno. I’m gonna have to think this one over for a little while. :confused:

edit: Lack of reference shouldn’t be an issue for any of the games. I’d be happy to supply plenty of it to anyone who needs it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah not always, there’s way too many girly men. But some of their characters are brilliance. Then again, I guess the characters are good enough if it’s generated a large, gay (ghey?) fanbase.

…Shuma-Gorath. :S

Oh nooo, darkstalkers is a must! Must do Darkstalkers! Because it’s a small cast. By the way why isn’t there an option for “The non-arcade cast of SFA3?” 'cause there’s like 12 more characters right? With Ingrid and all…

Hell yes! Garou FTW!

I’m not sure what to choose. I’ve never played half these games and I’ve never even heard of Garou before. Anyway I’m down with whatever you guys choose… I think.

I’m torn between Garou, DarkStalkers and Guilty Gear. Though a slight edge is going in the favor of the Guilty Gear series since for 1.) the official artwork has all the characters in awkward poses that look retarded and 2.) its my favorite game. Just a thought why don’t you guys do BOTH Darkstalkers and Guilty Gear since they just about the same style going on!?!? To Star250 - You poor poor bastard. I shed a tear for you.