CSFAC2: Vote for your game of choice!

i actually voted for garou as i want some great khusinodo fanart.

Well it’ll give you a chance then to get to know the 2nd best 2D fighter next to 3s.

Lets make sure whichever game wins that there are some links posted to some reference art or whatever. That way no newbies to any of these games are left out in the cold.

The cool thing about the list to choose from is that I’d like to draw for most of these games at some stage anyway. It’s cool to know that whoever wins it’s still gonna be fun :slight_smile:

I voted for KOF but i guess Garou is as good as any, its still an SNK franchise. Far too many people are drawing Capcom stuff. No disrespect to them or the fans. its just everywhere i look its Street Fighter! :xeye:

Thats why it’s called SHORYUKEN.:bgrin:

Iconic video game characters > boring, cliched comic book peoples

Darkstalkers for the win.

Dang ggx is creeping up on this vote. Whatever game wins I’ll still be down. Like mentioned above make sure we have reference. I don’t know jack shit about garou, samurai showdown, or darkstalkers. Just seen the characters and dabbled with the games a bit.

It saddens me to see so many people on SRK saying they know nothing about Mark of the Wolves.

Don’t post much around this area but ggx all the way. Switch it looks like this forum is for you. snk-capcom.com.

I’m going to head over to tekken zaibatsu and say it saddens me to see no respect for clay fighter.

Spider Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Hulk, Iron Man, Magneto, Juggernaut, Psylocke, Thanos, and Dr Doom are hardly boring cliched designs. Almost 2 thirds of those characters were created before most of us were born. You could make a point over half of the characters in the games you want to say are iconic have copied from classic super hero designs.

They are all brilliant, and are recognizable by jillions.

4Neqs, Blackheart and Shuma Gorath don’t count, Capcom is retarded for putting them in.

Darkstalkers characters are hardly Iconic, let alone recognizable.

How could you not want to draw Spider Man ? Or Doctor Doom ?

I’m happy if either Guitly Gear or Mark of the Wolves wins. Switcher, I know about MotW’s, since I used to be a tagger I know about a bunch of fighting games, it’s just I never really played it seriously. It would be really fun to draw Terry, Gato, J. Benet, and Tizoc.

Lack of reference shouldn’t be an issue, there is a thing called Google. It is amazing.

I voted Darkstalkers 3.

I did this for five reasons:

[]Like others have said, I don’t think we should be doing another Street Fighter game so soon.
]I haven’t played Garou: Mark of the Wolves and I doubt I will anytime soon.
[]As much as I would prefer to do something radically different, preferably involving weapons, I don’t think I’ll be able to stand doing a whole cast that uses weapons if I actually start drawing.
[]The cast of Darkstalkers isn’t that small or at least as small as SF3, Guilty Gear, and Mark of the Wolves (which are all leading it), but it certainly isn’t as large KOF or Project Justice or other team games.
]I actually own Darkstalkers 3, so I don’t have to google for source material. Besides, Vampire Savior is more exoteric than other Darkstalkers and some of the other games that have been suggested outside of the poll.**

Not that I expect this to sway anybody, especially because I’ll be drawing shittly if I do even get around to drawing. However, I just hope that we don’t end up doing Street Fighter 3: III so soon. (Not that I’ll purposely decline joining if I’m ready to draw by time it starts up again.)

  • Still, no love for Samurai Spirits? Bastards.
    ** What the hell is “Breaker’s Revenge”?

Aww, man. Looks like I’m the only one who voted for Soul Cali… :frowning:


I think it’d be coolest to do King of Fighters but make it be team pictures, like you have to draw all three characters from a team together. That’d take more planning than most would be willing to put into this, though, I’d imagine…

No Last Blade :frowning:

Huh? I’m pretty sure the boobie ninja girl is a cliché somehow.

But somehow were this a write-in vote, 12 characters (13 if you want to count Anita) for MSH is going to pass by quickly.

torn between KOF and G:MotW, so i went with the majority

Guilty Gear must win at all costs :frowning:

And that is why you fail.

Yeah it’s sad that there is no last blade since its the only snk game that i’ve ever paid much attention to. but even if it was up for a vote wouldnt have voted for it. Maybe in the next poll.

What if we did JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure since we are mentioning comic book game characters. That probably would never happen in a thousand years. I would cream my trousers, have heart attack and pass out all at the same time if we ended up drawing that game.

I fail quite a bit.

Ergo, you’re going to have to be more specific at what I fail at and why considering you decided to quote the entire thing for some reason.

(P.S. I say that we don’t reuse the ones that come close [2nd and 3rd place] in the next poll. That way it would be easier to add in ones like Jojo or MSH or even YYH.)

No need to be anal about it. For all its quality and charm one must have to accept that MOTW is sort of obscure and wasn’t as big an arcade success as KOF or GGXX (or most of the other non-Cap games listed for that matter) was. Thus it’s not as well-known. Be happy that it’s in the lead for now.

Edit- Awesome I got negged for this.