CSUEB SF4 Players?

I know there is an arcade over in Chabot College’s cafeteria, but I wanted to know if anyone plays it here on campus at CSUEB. I already checked the game room we have, which has a ps3, xbox 360, and wii, but no SF4.

I cant find the game room…just a bunch of pool tables…i would be glad to play if i can find it…I am decent at SFIV(waiting for PC version…) though nothing special.

I used to play at the Chabot arcade before everyone left :frowning: It sucks to see it so dead when it was so hype back in the days…

Guess I’m not going to try out Chabot anymore. To get to the game room, exit the billiards room and make a left (not out the doors). Keep going down the short hallway, and make a left into the first room. It’s right there. I’ve only seen two kids playing a basketball game on 360 though, so :[

Do you have SFIV? And when do you get off of classes? I am free MW after 1ish for a bit, and for T Th, after 2. If you have the game we can get some casuals going. I know a few people there that might also be interested too. Maybe we can get something going during the week.

Do they allow you to bring your own consoles there? What about sticks? I don’t know about you but me and a couple folks that i played with in Chabot love CvS2…would be dope if we can set that up along with SFIV.

well…ill admit i dont even have a stick or sf4 yet. i used to play shit on 2df with pad, but now a pad is too awkward for me to play on now since i got used to a stick. monday im free before 2:40 and after 5, and tuesday and thursday before 4 and after 8.

yeah, i can sort of play cvs2, although im not that great at it. honestly, if i were to pick any street fighter im best at, it would be ST.

Well damn, any other suggestions?

Hmm i will check the place out Monday and ask if we can bring our own consoles. I have a PS2, and SFA Anthrology, SF Collection, and CvS2, and one stick…so we can at least get the classics going maybe.

As for SFIV i really don’t know, i don’t have any next gen console nor stick for them(looking for TE stick…fuck man ). I might be able to ask a couple friends of mine maybe to see if they have the game.

But thats only if they let us bring our own games, peripherals, and consoles…need to check that in.

Been here 4 years, didn’t even know there was a game room :lol: I used to rock the MSHvsSF cab though, but that disappeared long ago. :sad:

Let me know if you guys play, I’m there M/W too.

So i went to the Game Room today to see what was up. They said that we cannot bring our own consoles because they do not want to be liable for people stealing them. :frowning: Fucking a…

Your own gaming device and games are fine however, so i am going to see if that PS3 is backwards compatible with PS2 games sometime. It also means my stick is worth jack without an adapter -_-;. Does anyone have SFIV though?

Bah. At least they got new gen consoles though, and allow us to bring sticks and games.

What kind of stick do you got? By the way, I am thinking about actually not being such a cheap ass and buying some stick soon. Any recommendations (I will probably get it off amazon since i got gift cards)?

I currently use a Tekken Hori. The SFIV Tournament Edition Stick is probably the best at the moment, other than that Hori EX Joysticks for the 360 and PS3 are very very nice. Can’t go wrong with them.

If you want an American stick though i guess most people use MAS sticks, but i am not that familiar with American sticks as much. If you have the SF Anniversary Stick for the PS2, and mod the buttons, its also a very good American Stick although it is a little bulky. But most American sticks are anyway.

I can bring my copy of sf4 for xbox. I have a TE stick too. Im definitely looking for people to play. Online can only get me so far!

Im not on campus much as im in the nursing program and only have two classes on campus, but the days I am, I would love to find others to play against!

When are you free KO? Let me know, i might be able to get some games in with you.

Waiting for the PC Version sucks ass btw…-_-;

i can do tuesday/thurs after 2. I only have 1 stick though.

I can maybe play for a short while after Thursday this week(have to leave soon for doctor’s appointment). Hopefully we can get something going.

I wont be able to this thursday, but perhaps next tues or thurs. (midterm this thurs)

talked to a guy working at the game room recently and i asked him about what new games will be added once the “people upstairs” (I guess the office workers at the student’s union building) do so, and he said street fighter 4 is one of the games that will be added. woop de woo doo weee woo

oh and, have any of you used http://www.amazon.com/PC-Fight-Stick-PlayStation-2-3/dp/B0015PHMFU this? i heard it’s terrible, but that price isn’t

might be able to play with you guys on tuesday of next week, less likely on thursday. dont have a stick though ;-/, and also might get my ass beaten if i fight non-shoto’s (i learned this from the fuddrucker’s tourney)

it cant just be us 3 can it? need moar sf4 nerds at csueb

I might be able to call three more guys i know who i played with at the GS Tournie to come play too, but other than that i am not sure. I hope there can be more, but at the moment, i just wanna play haha.

lets play next tuesday at 2pm in the game room. I’ll bring my stick, do you guys have a stick or will you be using the xbox controller? i’ll bring sf4

I’ll be heading to East Bay this fall as a freshmen. A few questions though.

Are the two campuses Hayward and Concord, in two seperate locations?

And which campus are you guys playing at?