Csuf ae tournament!


Underground TSU@ Cal State Fullerton
800 North State College Boulevard
Fullerton, CA 92831

March 12th
1:00 PM- whenever it finishes
It is crucial that you are there in time. We have to finish around 8 I believe so be there on time. Street Fighter time (hour and a half later) does not apply :T

This is going to be a 32 man bracket and you can pre-register on this page. On site registration is available but there wont be any guarantees for spots. CSUF students will gain priority on onsite registration.

Entry fee:
There is a $5 entry fee and the prize will be a $50 visa gift card you can spend on WHATEVER YOU WANT =D. Its almost like money :open_mouth:

Unfortunately CSUF has only 1 setup so to make things go quickly with the limited time we have, this tournament will be SINGLE ELIMINATION.
I wish we could do double elimination but it take way too long.
But the rest of the rules are the same

  1. Best of 3 games, 99 seconds.
  2. Single Elimination
  3. Loser may switch characters
  4. Pay to play. Games that day will be 25 cents so bring a couple bucks


we save money if we use the character that the previous player won with!


is there a character lock? for each player?




Consider this my pre-registration


notes for future tournaments

#1: Talk to arcade guy to fix the machines to make it work so that winners don’t have to put in another quarter >.<.

we could have just left it normally… winner wouldn’t have to pay… next two players would both put in quarters… we don’t need event mode or something fancy like that…

#2 Zangief is CHEAP!!! Remember that!!!

#3 good games guys… lots of fun.