CSULA (California State University, Los Angeles) - The Pitt


The venue is now reshaped as a lounge and console area. There is a large projector viewing area shows soccer games 24/7, and another area with 3 small TVs each hooked up with an Xbox 360. Venue provides Xbox games and standard Xbox wireless controllers. Rotation is done by sign-in sheet - 1 hour rotations.

Games provided are:
[]Gears of War 3
]forgot, will update
[]forgot, will update
]forgot, will update
[]forgot, will update
]forgot, will update
[]forgot, will update
]forgot, will update
[]forgot, will update
]forgot, will update
[*]forgot, will update

California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA)

University Address:
5151 State University Dr
Los Angeles, CA. 90032

Campus Map (PDF):
Campus Map
University-Student Union Building (#5 on the campus map) - In Basement Level

Parking Structure C (see campus map).
They have pay stations for you to purchase parking permits either by predefined hour intervals, or for the whole day. Prices are about $4 to $8 I think.


Venue Manager:
Michelle Hooper
Administrative Services Coordinator
Tel: (323) 343-2458
Fax: (323) 343-5101
University Student Union Room # 306



I work on campus full time, and will be there during lunch breaks.

Hit me up for 3s or A3.

Wish they had SF4 or at least CvS2 there.



Maybe the OCE guys CAN get sf4 since they got it for SFSU and SJSU

what do i know </3



Finally after long months of reconstruction on campus site its open again…


Cal Poly’s machines are almost always in good working order. Very rarely was there a problem that went unfixed, so I would expect good setups.


First post updated with more info and pictures.

If anyone knows the OCE vendors, please direct them to this thread for maintenance updates. Or provide their preferred method of contact since their website is very outdated.

3rd Strike Repairs Needed:
[]2P side’s UP/LEFT direction rarely works.
]Left speaker - No sound

Alpha 3 Repair Needed:
[*]Right coin slot eats quarters.


my old 3s watering hole. i’ll be sure to visit sometime.


So they finally opened. No wonder outside seemed empty today.

I for sure dbe there tomorrow before class.


might stop in on a fri/sat if you can get weekend hours.


its about damn time! i’ll check it out tomorrow. i live and work on campus and there’s finally something to do in CSULA.


No one there seems to be able to give me a straight answer re: weekends. Even if they did, I’m almost positive that no one will be there on weekends.

Fri is probably your best bet. Although it has been pretty empty during the opening week. Practically no one for A3, 3s. A few random people for mvc2, but they don’t know how to play.

I’ll most likely be on 3s during lunch hour 12-1pm.


Damm no MvsC 2 love…


GG and nice meeting Ron (R | C) and Tino? (Forty) today. I played both mvc2 and 3s. DOWN/LEFT on 2p seems iffy. marvel was fine. my advice for a stool would be grabbing one of those high chairs behind the pool tables and you’re set. i talked to one of the workers and told me that the game room is open from Mon-Fri 9am-8pm. can anyone confirm?


I’ll see about going on Tuesdays. That’s the only day I have a gap inbetween classes from 310 to 6. Catch you fools then. Not this tuesday though, no school!


man it’s about time that they opened up something like this. I was heart broken when they closed the pit way back when cuz I used to go to csula all the time to hang out with a friend. I’ll definitely be making random visits their to beast on scrubs with Dan buahahahahah.


Hey I’m learning! :arazz:
Seriously though. Place is nice so far.

No class Tuesday? Fuck yeah!


price of games?


R-chie: nice meeting you man. I’m glad you play Yun, I could use more practice against him. I asked a previous worker and she gave me different hours. I’ll see about asking around again.

Combo: What time(s) are your breaks on Tuesdays?

gilkuma: Games are all $0.25, except for Crisis Zone.

Yay, no work on Tuesday - that’s some extra time for Gears of War 2 !

To Everyone:

Report arcade problems to:

Also, everyone email them to request for stools.


GGs combo u2nice

plz get the change machine fixed!



I was there this week and it was pretty cool. Nobody was really there except for Forti and a couple of peeps. As soon as I graduate from CSULA, the campus becomes better. It’s always been like that with me and every institution I’ve attended. Well, I’m going back for teaching credentials, so I’ll be there more often.

Hey, Ronnie, any word on CvS2 being put in there yet? And do you know if there are any plans for Street Fighter IV to be put in there, too? I’m guessing if business is slow there, they wouldn’t even bother.