CSULB 3S Tourney posters

sup everybody I am one of the founders of the CSULB 3rd Strike Tournaments we had last semester (spring 07, you can watch videos on youtube just search “CSULB 3rd strike”), and I hand drew all of the flyers for each of the tournaments. Just wanted to share em with you. haha.

here is the flyer for the 1st tourney.

here is the flyer for 2nd tourney.
the image in this flyer is a message for those who were late in the 1st tourney.

3rd tourney
the image shows a moment from the grand final of the 2nd tourney, winner was alex.

Final tourney (the only one in color)
in the 3rd tourney, it was the same guys in the 2nd tourney in the grand finals again, but this time ibuki won instead of the alex user. so this final image was a request from the winner ibuki. lol ibuki bomb.

that first one is thje best

agreed. I especially like the "… (hey!). nice touch