CSULB 49ers! SSF4, MVC3, all other fighting game related businesses


So spring semester is starting next week and I will probably be in the Game room
If you are on campus feel free to post here
Maybe we can get some games in

I’m also looking for active players for the Rival Schools Event
only qualification for the team is that you must be a student

That is all :woot:

[Jun 21, 2011] CSULB Monday Night Fights (Long Beach, California)

Hey Andy, it’s Charles, the bad adon player lol. I’m always watching people play ssf4 in the sticks lounge too. If anyone is up to play on Tuesday/Thursdays from 10am-2pm, hit me up on AIM: happycaper035.


I just moved to Long Beach from the Bay Area. I’m gonna check it out!


Do they still have 3S?


Nope, the game room got flooded a while ago and since then, it has been replaced with a console arcade room with lcds mounted on the walls.


How receptive are you guy to non-student players? I live a block or two from campus and I’m eager to level up my offline game.
Do you guys typically have sessions during the day? Night?


As long as you’re the one to come up to us and ask to play, we will let you join in. We don’t have many players at school, so it gets awkward if we invite people to play who just sit and stare. Of the people who actually play, there are only a handful of people decent at ssf4, and Andy is by far the best imo.

As for the time of sessions, it’s totally random. Whenever our lunch hours seem to connect really. The price is kinda steep ($5 per hour) though it can be cheaper if everyone chips in. I typically hang around the sticks lounge from 10am-2pm Tuesdays/Thursdays, so if you’re fine with the monetary stuff, feel free to come play. :]


Bumping it

Any1 and every1 is welcome
I am still looking for people that want to participate in the rival schools event
Current student or alumni is fine


Thanks for the response guys. It looks like I’m not going to be able to make it if the meetups take place during my work hours. If you guys happen to be doing something on campus during the weekend, I would still be interested.


Um, we could try to set something up if you’re really itching to play offline. Honestly, I have been an online warrior so long that it has made me learn bad tactics, so i’m trying to return to the offline world. Try pming AndyOCR, the more the better!


Post up the days when you guys are there, unless T/Th are the only times. I’ll try swing by and I miss 3s.

Are you guys playing on the PS3 or X360 version?


Oh no, that’s just based off my own schedule… We can try to play on other days as well (willing to come on a Friday). In fact, tomorrow around 12:45-2pm, we are planning to play if you want to stop by. As for the version of ssf4 we play, I use a ps3 TE, and the person bringing their equips tomorrow has a ps3 SE. It’s not exclusive to ps3 providing that we have 360 sticks.

P.S. 3s and the other arcade machines are no longer in the game room due to the arcade distributor’s contract ending, and CSULB not renewing to make a console arcade room.


Sorry I didn’t make it around 12-2PM, I was there after 2:40.

I met Mike, ggs. I’ll try and see if Will planning on joining y’all for the 5v5.

Let me know when you guys are around and I’ll try to swing by again. I have 1 of each arcade-stick for the console so in case…


Nah, don’t have to apologize… I mean we’re all in this to have a good time, right? Anyways, I haven’t asked anyone to play tomorrow yet, but i’m bringing my TE tomorrow since I have a 4 hour lunch from 10am-2pm. Feel free to come and I will post again if a session does happen tomorrow. I don’t know Mike or Will but I will keep an eye out for them if they’re playing in the lounge.

P.S. I’m beyond free, don’t wanna get your hopes up lol.


ill be here around noon
with a TE


I graduated a few years ago, but I went back to check out the arcade a few months ago and was blown away it was gone! Crazy, but the PC/Console setup actually looked pretty cool. Sadly I work m-f so I can’t swing by to visit, but as long as you keep the school going on fighting games I’m happy


Im going to post the date for the Long Beach State Qualifiers
So stay tune

Autospots are me and Otachris

3 spots open and itll be round robin

2/3 rounds and 2/3 games

Every game won will be awarded 1 point and every game lost will be penalized -1 point

I will tally up the points at the end and the 3 highest points will be awarded spots


I beat chris 1st game but he beats me 2nd game and 3rd game
so chris is awarded 1 point for the whole match and i will have -1 point

I beat chris 1st and 2nd game… I will be awarded +2 points and chris will have -2 points


I go to a seminary/Private Christian Grad school so i don’t fit anywhere. I wanna try at this.

When’s rival schools?


I still haven’t dropped by. =( Is anyone there on monday? Also, which Rival Schools? The original?


I’m usually out of class by 11-11:30am until 2pm on Mondays due to easy assignments in lab, so it varies for me. Mike, an awesome gouken player if i remember correctly, seems to be there on Mondays too. Anyways, let’s set something up if you’re interested.