CSULB 49ers! SSF4, MVC3, all other fighting game related businesses


Rap and I stay pretty long on Thursdays, but 5 is kinda rough since I bus home… But let us know if you’re around, we usually play some fighting games on Thursday anyway.


Hey guys, just letting you know what tournaments I’ve got going on this week over at Alex’s Arcade in Santa, Ana. First up, we got our weekly tournaments for both SF4 and UMVC3. We’ll also be having casuals for Skull Girls, so feel free to drop on by.

We’ve also got a tournament for UMVC3, MVC2, and ST, coming up this Saturday, May 5th. Discounted food and drinks will be available in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, as well as a stream for UMVC3.

Hope to see some of you guys there!


well i have class until 4:45. ima drop by the game lounge after class and see if anyone is around and wants to play.


Yo guys come on Wed/Thursday. It’s gonna be last time we get to play before finals.


Tournament at Gameplay in Long Beach! Come over if you’re near by!


EVO anyone?


Now that everyone’s settled in their new schedules, let’s talk sessions.

Veterans of CSULB and unknown watchers of this thread… we’re gonna play Thursday afternoons in the Student Union. Feel free to come by and play if you’ve got time. New faces welcome. I’m tired of being in the top 3.


What time what game what console


Anybody wanna buy a brand new Hitbox arcade stick from me? I have one and never use it. So I’m selling for $125.00. I got it brand new for $159 + $20 for shipping, paid $179 for it. So It’s $50 reduced. call me if you’re interested, and we can meet up some place and trade. 951-710-7141


So are people still playing on Thursdays? I’m out of class at 2.


Does anyone still play? what time and what games?


What is up everyone~!!

This is my first time posting here and would like to send out an invite to those interested in all things FGC to join us for a club we decided to make official at CSULB during the Fall semester 2013,

We’re called the “Salt Miners” and we JUST had our first meeting last week. We welcome everyone including alumni~!!

We just started but I would love to see some more people in this new thing we started, we usually have a set up ready to go every wednesday so if you can’t make it out to WNF or want to have a place to be before WNF, we hope you consider us~!!

Here is a link to our group page and just come in and say hello~!!


I feel like getting back into Umvc3. I havent played it in a couple of months but i believe I’m still pretty good haha. Anyone wanna meet up at the USU on thursdays past 5?


massive bump.

Just transferred to csulb. Does anyone play fighting games?


I know it’s already posted, but the salt miners are a good group on campus. https://m.facebook.com/CSULBSaltMiners.
They came after i graduated, but I’ve played with them once. From what I remember they meet on Wednesdays and try to play a lot of different games.


thanks. Seem like they havent updated the page since 2 years ago.


They have active conversations, I think you have to join their Facebook group to see.


hmm…I dont see any when I joined.



I posted the wrong link, my bad. That should the the link to their public group.


Are people still active on campus? Alumni here, my best SF memories were in that arcade playing for hours at a time. RIP Arcade room.