CSULB Game Room *Battle at the Pyramid*

Alright, so the game room is officially kick ass now.

We’ve got MvC2, 3s, SC2, T4 (or is it 5 now?), and as of today, CvS2.

Time to get the place rocking again. There was an old thread for the arcade room, but it’s long since dead, so fuck it.

Anybody up for meeting next week and playing some CvS2?

Hey wazzap man…
Could you do me a favor? Check the CvS2 machine. Is it a showcase? If so, look behind the panel where the sticks/buttons are…do you see a distinctive mark? 2 dots and a line? If so, then you have UCI’s machines. Which means the 2p Strong needs to be fixed, and something’s up with 1p’s stick going down back…

Heh, I’ll check for you, but yeah, I noticed the 2p strong was a little funny yesterday. Never played on the 1p side either, but I’ll letcha know.

most definitely :bgrin:

I’ll be there Tuesday, at like 6:45 PM, to play some CvS2.

GG’s to all I’ve played so far. Sorry for beasting out 14 wins, but I was trying to learn A groove : P

As for the machine, I didn’t see any dots/lines between the controls and the screen on the showcase cabinet. I know the buttons have artwork with Chun-Li under them, and the marquee looks really bootleg.

So, any of you guys I’ve been playing against actually post on SRK? I’m usually playing K-Akuma, Dhalsim, Cammy, or A-Honda, Rolento, Sakura. Some days it seems I can’t be beat, and get a 14 win streak… others, I just get dominated and am lucky to pull off a win.

hey, i don’t usually play cvs2 since i suck at it, but i play 3s a lot. I usually play ken, akuma or yun.

by the way, are you steve that used to hold the little powerstation tourneys?

Yup yup. I still play some 3s, but since CvS2 was put in, I don’t usually touch it.

i hope people show tomorrow, supposed to be there from like 1-3ish

I won’t be there at that time : /

I’ll be there tonight (thurs) around 7ish, and next tuesday around 4ish. Play time is really limited lately.

csulb makes me cry. no stools, broken 2p side, and no one very good other than khoa and his unblockables/john and his winstreaks. sorry we had to leave early pimp willy.

Broken 2p Side on which game? All of them seem to work fine to me, except the CvS2 2p strong button is a little unresponsive at times.

Give me more notice next time you guys decide to come on up here so we can get some games in.

Bizzump, for the new semester.

I know there are tons of crowds playing, but I don’t know how many are from SRK.

We officially have:

CvS2, 3S, MvC2, T5 and T4

The competition has been heating up almost as much as the anger over the 2P CvS2 strong button (trying playing rolento on that side : P)

If the comp stays this strong, I’ll have to hold a tourney soon at the game room.

yo what’s up fuckers, is there any good comp. at 3s there and also
what time they close the place, what’s the best time to go, and where exactly is located at. By the way hope to see you at Regency on saturday.

There is one guy who can dominate everyone in 3s with Hugo, besides that there isn’t really a whole lot of 3s players. This semester, everyone is playing CvS2 like crazy. Monday - Thursday, usually like around noon or after 3, There will be like a 5 coin deep line waiting to play. Skill level ranges from decent to crap, with a lot of people learning and getting better everyday.

Theres about 3-4 guys I talk strategy with, and we’re improving our games. And for some reason, everyone here plays SNK characters (N-Yuri, Kyo, 2-Iori, etc) and not a lot of Capcom love, except for me (K-Akuma, Dhalsim, Cammy) and this guy who plays a good P Groove. So if you want some light hearted fun games, it’s pretty good. If you’re looking for Evo calibur play, keep dreaming, but short of FFA (which is probably dying anyway) it’s the only consistent CvS2 I can get in.

I mostly play CVS2 in the morning, I’m a huge scrub though, I usually play Eagle/Vega/Blanka in N or K, sometimes Athena, hoping to get better. Most of the people usually show up in the afternoon though, you might have seen me I’m a dude with long hair haha.

Edit: The 2p Strong works now, I called up the arcade fuckers and haven’t had problems since

How early? I don’t ever remember playing an Eagle/vega/Blanka combo, so maybe I haven’t played you yet.

Yesterday was fucking nuts, got a 40+ win streak with A-Honda, Rolento, Sakura. I got 23 wins, then had to go to class. Gave my game to somebody there (who seemed unsure how to play that team), then came back after class and the wins were up to 32! So I took back over from there, and go to like 43-44 before I finally was taken down by K-Yamazaki : P

You should make it a point to come by in the afternoon when the crowds are there.

And yes, thank god for the 2p.Strong working.

I haven’t played you yet, I’ve only heard stories about you lol. I’m there usually from anywhere between 9AM til noon. I’d come in the afternoon but I got work, I hear that’s when the real fun is, maybe I’ll go one of these days.

wow, 40+ win, i’m lucky to even find 1 person that’ll stay for more than 2 games :frowning: