CSUN Games Room


Yo i wanna know if the CSUN games room is still alive with competition. I graduated last May and I am wondering whats goin on there? Where do you people play? koo


not too many people are playing. I haven’t been there since spring break because the change machine was out of order for at least 2 weeks prior. I’ve seen people walk in see the change is out then leave. Also I dont think the sticks and buttons have ever been changed on any machine unless the physically broke. Ill just go to FFA


What are you looking to play? I used to go every so often to play 3s, and the cab is in decent condition (I get the impression the Marvel one is ok too).

I stopped going though because the bitch at the counter would never give me change when the machine was broken, and whenever I’d play people would stop playing after 2-3 games.


marvel p1 side is playable but p2 is iffy when you want to jump up, the tekken 5 machine gets turned off some I dont know if theres a problem, ST seem fine because people get beat so fast they arent beating on the machine as much. Lol Pherai I would play you more if they ha some damn change, oh and i need you to teach me the 100 oro combo on chun/Q


yo i think ive played you pherai but waaaayyy back when the games room was in front of the student gym not underground


haha its possible. post up if you wanna meet up for some games this week.

strider: maybe we can play after 480 this week, I’m more than happy to show off the Oro stun combo. its my favorite thing with oro :lovin: