CSUN Thread - MvC2, 3rd Strike, CVS2 and MvC3


Whats up guys. Just wanted to recreate this thread for the new students going here that want to get some games in.

I play MvC2, pretty decent. I have class on M and W and work on campus in Sierra Hall on M W TH so I am there 3 days a week and will spend some of my free time in there.

I also do friendly money matches and hopefully tournies if there is a crowd here. Never been to the campus arcade yet so not sure who still plays these old games.

And it looks like we can do some mvc3 since they have console setups but I wouldn’t feel like bringing my stick unless we had a schedule and I know people would be there.


cool didnt know you go here now. It’s my last semester here, but I’m down for some games hmu.


My last semester here…I play SSF4, but learning U MvC3


ya Im here now for grad school. Player 1 side is broken and the girl doesn’t know how to fix it :-/

What happens next? lol


Is the CVS2 machine still busted?


I don’t play that game


Yes cvs2 just has an error.

And lol at the workers here (all girls). Quarter machine is out, I ask for change. They said no because they need it for ping pong customers. I ask for more $1s and they said no also and I have to go somewhere else for change. Horrible customer service, don’t know who to complain to.


The only way to get the machines looked at is to talk with the guy who collects the quarters. Hmm it sounds like my friend john doesnt work there anymore (or isnt there when you are), he at least would try to call the guy that gets the change and owns the machines. The change machine I dont know, they should have the ability to call some one to get more change.


Hey man I have been going to csun and have been dying to find or create a fighting game community here. I play sf4 only currently. I know most people who grew up with the olders one don’t like the game. Anyways, if you got XBL my GT is MrMoodyPants. Add me and lets see if we can figure something out to get everyone connected and together. Anyone willing to put in the effort?


Quarters got refilled but I didnt see the guy and the sticks still broken. I guess I will email the email address on the sticker on the machine.

I saw them throwing tournies for some stupid soccer game on xbox. If we can get a SF4 or MvC3, Im down to put in effort. I am there M,W,Th. Hit me up if you can get something going with the fighting games there


I meant collect the quarters out of the games


[quote="I saw them throwing tournies for some stupid soccer game on xbox. If we can get a SF4 or MvC3, Im down to put in effort. I am there M,W,Th. Hit me up if you can get something going with the fighting games there[/quote]

Im here
Monday and am out of class by 1:45pm
Tuesday out of class at 9:30am
Wednesday out by 1:45pm

So those are my best days to meet. I am usually around the arbor grill cause most of classes are around there. I don’t know if I can make anything happen cause I am just a student here and don’t really know anyone involved here at school. But if we can all get together and communicate a bit more, I’m sure we can make something happen =)


Let’s make it work!! Unless you guys just go to Family Fun Arcade, which is in the area.


Ya I go to FFA too once in a while. The good players are usually only there at night. I don’t know how we all can keep in touch. I don’t know if anyone is comfortable with sharing phone numbers =/ I don’t mind. I think it will make it easier for everyone to meet up and to see if we can make something happen. I’m a business major so I am usually around Juniper Hall or Arbor Grill. Again if anyone has XBL my GT is MrMoodyPants. Feel free to add me. Just let me know your from the forums so I don’t think your some random


There’s a southern California MvC3 group on Facebook. Just post a CSUN post and we can work it out from there.


im at csun as well.

never been to the arcade room here, have been to ffa though.

i play ssf4ae and umvc3, lets hit it up!!


go to csun as well- play on PSN but down to meet up. GT on PSN is: InterimAE
hard to find people that play!
i play sfxt, ssf4, some UMVC3 (not great)


Alright guys I finally just got to it and made a group on facebook. Here is the link:



I am coo with sharing phone numbers- also we can meet at csun
I go to school
T off at 325
TH off at 325
Friday off at 1030
Hit me up I am also down to hit up FFA with some people. Never been there.


Well just add yourself to the group because I know not everyone is comfortable with sharing their numbers. Plus you can spread the word to anyone that their is a created group on facebook for us. I think it would be easier for everyone to communicate this way rather than all of us sharing numbers