CSUS Fighting Game Club (New and Unofficial)


Hello to all you Sac State fighting game players out there. Its my first semester here and I have met a few of you in the Games Room. We had briefly discussed starting up a FGC. I figured we could use this thread to network and communicate about meetings.

Sorry for the brief intro, as I dont have much time to complete it right now, but I think a good place to start would be to get a contact list going, I’ll try to check this as much as possible for the next few days to update it for everyone to get a solid start. Lets get a session going ASAP!!! Does anyone live near the school that can accommodate some folks over to play?!


Contact List

Destruct1ve, AKA FullerSMASH- Chris Fuller 916-616-5772



On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’m there pretty much all day. How often are people in the Games Room?


TBH, its been pretty much every afternoon that I’ve been there… They’ve gotten too much of my moneys! I wanna get a session coordinated!


I started an official one at CSUS around 2008. You should see if it still exists.


It’s been disbanded since then, so we’re gonna start it back up :smiley:


Hey Fuller met you at TapEx (and your scary honda :] ) if you need a Lagless setup (xbox/ASUS/marvel/ae2012/etc) some extra sac players let me know I am always willing to help out.

916-293-6362 or PM on here.


If I’m not studying, I’ll try to show up on Tuesday. :o


i’m down to play. i have too many breaks in between classes. pm here.


Glad to hear there is interest growing!!! Sorry, I’ve been slacking on following up with the logistics of the club. Being a transfer student this semester and trying to make sure I stay up on top of my classes has been eating my time and attention. I think where we are at now is looking for a location to actually meet up. Any days of the week work best for anyone?


hm. how long would these sessions be? would be nice for a quick 30 min drop by inbetween classes or something. but most days i have break from 12-1 and then 2-4.


I was think more of an evening session at someone’s pad where we can get multiple setups and some serious sets going. Does anyone have a living situation that could accommodate 10-15 ppl?


If you have issues with finding a place off campus, you might want to consider checking out one of the rooms at CSUS. I think that’s what Som and Ray did, but I’m not entirely sure; the times I attended, Ray was head of the club. From what I remember, it was usually the rooms on the third floor of the Union.