CSUSB Gamer's lounge (San Bernardino, CA)


the student union at CSUSB has a gaming lounge with about 4 set-ups for video games. it is located at the entrance closest to the front of the school. they will be hosting a UMVC3 tournament on the 21st if anyone is interested. anyone can register for free but prizes can only be given out to enrolled students. it has to do some some policy or funding, sorry about this. the gamer’s lounge has been around for awhile now but hasn’t gotten much attention from fighting game players, and i’m looking to change that. the venue is perfect for a weekly casual sessions. if you’re interested, message me with some of the games you play and what days/times you are available. i will be around during and after the tournament if anyone wants to play some SF.

you will need to purchase a parking permit for the day, they are $5. there are two drive-through buildings where you can buy the day pass or you can use the blue kiosk boxes located around the parking lots.