CT, August 20th, Project-Failure presents Friday Night Blackout


-Official venue will be $5 and to play in tournament will be $10 from now on.
-All Guests will have to pay the $5 (however there are exceptions to this rule, just ask and I’ll let you know)
-Since everyone is really cool about the increased venue we will be having some treats for everyone. (we weren’t lying when we said it was to give back to the tournament, unlike most places :P)
-Also working on the official site for project-failure, hopefully if time permits it will have some interesting stuff for the gamblers and the players.
-Here’s the newest picture of our setup although it looks completely different now lol it’ll give you an idea of what to expect from project-failure :stuck_out_tongue:

Project-Failure presenting Friday Night Blackout

Game: Super Street Fighter 4

Brackets: http://tonamento.com/ViewTournament.aspx?id=728
Twitter: Jon (jonsbasement) on Twitter
Stream:ProjectFailure on Justin.tv
Rules: Double Elimination, Best of 3 matches, Finals Best of 5 matches(Tonamento.com brackets) Each match 2 out of 3 rounds
Size: 32 Players max (not like anyone listens to this anyway lol had 39 last time)
Fee: $5 venue fee + $10 tournament fee = $15 total to play
Hardware: Xbox 360, Bring your own stick, 3 hd stations for tournament use, two additional hd stations for casuals. (there may be casuals on other games as well) There will also be a 32" CRT with PS2 hooked up for Melty or Guilty Gear.Pictures
When: Friday August 20th, 2010. Tournament begins at 8pm.
Where: 134 Wooster Street, Naugatuck, CT 06770.
Payout: 70/20/10

This tournament will be run bi-monthly (Every two weeks). (We will try to adhere to this without conflicting with other local tournaments)

Because of the venue, this tournament is capped at 32 players.

This tournament is reserved seat only. If you are not on the list, do not come knocking on my door. If you are on the list and want to bring a friend (to watch or casuals), let me know, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Sooner you are on the list, the better. If you have a reserved seat, and cannot attend the tournament, let me know. We’ll work something out, and bring in some new blood. If you are on the list, and you no-show, please have a good excuse if you want to come back.

There are usually money match/side tourneys afterwards, we’ll also have some other games on hand.

If you have suggestions, for future changes, let me know. We’re always looking to improve the way things are done. So if you have a great idea for the next tournament we’ll see what can be done.


  1. Kyriptic
  2. mayor mcjustin
  3. g0dhand
  4. bonj (blueNINE)
  5. Manny_O
  6. Joey Miggs81
  7. Andersen
  8. Mayu’s Ocarina
  9. Jcool813
  10. blueNINE
  11. Aumni
  12. Essex
  13. United VirusX
  14. AMinorThreat
  15. F0xhound009
  16. King (United VirusX)
  17. B-Love (SmilingBison)
  18. Shenmue (SmilingBison)
  19. MrQuotes
  20. MarlinPie (MrQuotes)
  21. Baby-Cristles (pacer482)
  22. Torsi (pacer482)
  23. pacer482
  24. bboyredcel
  25. johnny(United VirusX)
  26. HatPerson
  27. The Realyst
  28. Frantastic23

Uncertain List:

  • Ryder (MrQuotes)

Guest List:
-Guest (United VirusX)

Results Thread: http://shoryuken.com/f6/project-failure-friday-night-blackout-august-20th-results-248052/

Previous Results:http://shoryuken.com/f6/246666-project-failure-friday-night-blackout-august-6th-results.html#post9321473
(3 way split $130 each)


I’m not gonna make this… :’(


I will 100% be at this one. Hero, I will keep your memory there with exceptional commentary.

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You know the deal. I’ll be there.


I’ll be there again!


I’m in there.


put me on the maybe


Joey Miggs81 is in


As far as I know, I’ll be there taking up space. Throw me on guests.

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Im in there!


dont commentate for me, you’ll lose yourself trying to imitate and it will come off as stale and fake you’re a great commentator so…
be yourself


I’m down for the tournament as well. This time I’ll be bringing my Guile.

~ Mayu


I’m in there.

Strictly DeeJay


I’m in.




Blue nine, someones excited to see you lol

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Something is in the works for Friday. Checkout twitter for a hint! Jon (jonsbasement) on Twitter


Is that a cheeseburger? Does that mean I need to attend now? lol


I just added you to the list so you better come now hehe.


ill be there and be square