CT, Dec. 17th, Project-Failure presents Friday Night Blackout


-RAFFLE! Next raffle will be in January, for each project-failure you play in you get 1 entry so don’t forget to come and up your chances. Prizes are not confirmed right now, but from the ideas we’re throwing back and forth it should be sick. Last time we gave away a fights stick and a fight pad, might be even better this time around.

-Food update Sorry guys its getting cold out and its time to put away the grill. Also we’re not going to handle food this time around. There is chinese, dominos, and itialian food that deliver in the area, but most places close at 10pm. So if you guys want to organize your own groups to order food feel free to do so and have it delivered to the house. We will still have bottled water for everyone if I’m not mistaken.

-Weather If its snowing like crazy chances are we’ll reschedule this. I’ll make sure to update the thread ASAP if we do reschedule and if any word about bad weather pops up post in the thread so we all know whats going on as well.

Project-Failure presenting Friday Night Blackout

Game: Super Street Fighter 4

Brackets: Project Failure - CHALLONGE!
Twitter: Jon (jonsbasement) on Twitter
Stream:ProjectFailure on USTREAM: Fighting Game Tournaments.
Rules: Double Elimination, Best of 3 matches, Finals Best of 5 matches. Each match 2 out of 3 rounds
Size: NO LIMIT! well lets just say we now have made so much room that we don’t expect to pass a limit, but still signup so we have an idea of what we’re dealing with just in case.
Fee: $5 venue fee + $10 tournament fee = $15 total to play
Hardware: Xbox 360, Bring your own stick, 4 hd stations for tournament use, two additional hd stations for casuals. (there may be casuals on other games as well) There will also be a 32" CRT with PS2 hooked up for Melty or Guilty Gear.Pictures
When: Friday December 17th, 2010. Open at 8pm and try to start tournament at 9:00pm. If you guys want to start later because of work/school/out of state let us know and we’ll see what we can do, but right now saturday isn’t an option for project-failure, sorry guys.
Where: 134 Wooster Street, Naugatuck, CT 06770.
Payout: 70/20/10

This tournament will be run monthly for the winter. (We will try to adhere to this without conflicting with other local tournaments)

Please Sign-up by replying to this thread if your going to enter in the tournament or coming for casuals. This way there are no issues at the door because we don’t know who you are.

There are usually money matches/side tourneys afterwards, we’ll also have some other games on hand. We do have 3 cabinets running all night for people to play on. With (SSF4, CvS2, ST, MvC2 & 1, and more)

If you have suggestions, for future changes, let me know. We’re always looking to improve the way things are done. So if you have a great idea for the next tournament we’ll see what can be done.


  1. Kyriptic
  2. Sho
  3. Fuz [Sho]
  4. Bebop [Sho]
  5. blueNINE
  6. g0dhand
  7. Gysbert
  8. United VirusX
  9. King [United VirusX]
  10. Joey Miggs81
  11. Jcool813
  12. MarlinPie
  13. MrQuotes
  14. Ride the Walrus
  15. Andersen
  16. Essex
  17. Kryonik [Essex]
  18. Manny_O
  19. Kiru [Manny_O]
  20. EMP Dieminion
  21. EMP Jago
  22. GMan

Uncertain List:
-Raion [Needs ride from new haven]
-Mayu’s Ocarina [Needs ride from vernon]
-The Realyst

Guest List:

Results Thread: http://shoryuken.com/f6/project-failure-dec-17th-friday-night-blackout-results-260063/#post9973896

Previous Results:http://shoryuken.com/f6/project-failure-nov-19th-friday-night-blackout-results-257428/#post9834110

Top 3

  1. MarlinPie
  2. EMP Dieminion
  3. MannyO

Videos:YouTube - TheProjectfailure’s Channel


Sho will be there with his pals Bebop and Fuz. Really looking forward to this.

Requesting JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo on the MAME cab. Pleaaaase


Are you REALLY looking forward to it or do you just want your hat back? hehe

Puzzle fighter is on there already, but i don’t think JoJo is. I’ll get jon to put it on there.


Okay…this time I am definitely in there! SEE YOU AT PROJECT-FAILURE, PEOPLE.


I’m looking forward to getting third for that hat.



Put me as a maybe. Aiming for at least top 5 this time if I go.


Put me down as a maybe, it all depends on what the weather is like day of.


Don’t tell me there is like a snow storm planned?


No I haven’t heard anything about the weather yet I’m just saying if it ends up snowing I’m not driving a half hour up there :stuck_out_tongue:


If its snowing we’d probably just reschedule it, because we definitely don’t want to put people in danger trying to get to P-F. Plus I doubt i’d be able to make it in time for my own tournament if its snowing lol. That being said we’ll definitely keep a watch on the weather and update if we hear anything.


In like Flint. :tup:


I won’t be able to make it to this one but the next one after. Pad converter is on its way and im buying my friends xbox for 70 bucks to begin training on Super.


Put me down for now but I am on the same boat as most people that if it snows then I am definitely not driving up that hill.


Count me in and i got my friend king coming along as well


Joseph Anthony Migliore II will be there AKA

Joey MIggs, The Heir of Slytherin, CT Valle, Joey Trees, Joe Merlot, Headbanger, Slow Miggs


Hey miggs how bout another money match at PF? this time i’ll be the winner!


Looking forward to this, GET HYPE

On that same note Raion you better have my money this time!


Haha you better have learned some frame traps. :wink:


… I’m home I will be watching


herokiller godbless man