CT fight scene- SSF4


SSF4 Tournament in CT 12/11/10
Fight Club Round 4
SSF4 Fight Club Round 4 @ Gamingetc - 12/11/10 4pm - Stratford, CT
For those of you that came before, you know the drill, for everyone body else, here’s the info:


Tournament starts at 4pm. Doors open at 10am, taking registrations all day. Free warm-up time before tournament start w/registration.

Gamingetc Tournament Center & Superstore w/250+ player capacity & Free WiFi
555 Lordship Boulevard
Stratford, CT 06615
[Easy off Exit 30 I-95, across from Porter & Chester Institute]
Google Maps Link(phone number is incorrect):Google Maps

-via phone: 203.296.9961
-via email: gamingetc.events@gmail.com

Entry Fee:
$10 ($2 goes to the store, $8 goes into the cash prize pool)

Prize Payout:
1st: 60%
3rd: 10%
4th: Free Entry Voucher for next tourney

SSF4 1v1 , Double Elimination, PS3.

We highly suggest that players bring their own controllers to the event, but we will provide controllers to those who don’t have a preference.

All characters are legal for selection
Matches are best 2 out of 3 rounds
Finals are best 3 out of 5 rounds
You may change your control settings before your match, just alert your opponent
Stage selection is random by default but players are free to pick a stage they want.
Double Blind Pick for first match upon request


What kind of setups do you guys have? Will it be CRTs or monitors?


how many setups would be nice to know also.


Last time there was a tourney it was held at the same time as bakugan and they had priority over us. We were left with a laggy lcd and tube tv. We should be able to bring monitors and setups if need be.

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lol wait they watched the show bakugan?


not this time i planned ahead i have all the tv’s for me, the last tourney was big success we had really good player show up, like DSP but the tourney was taken by Arturo sanchez, yes the sanchez and his god like dhalsim. if u go on utube search up fight club ct tourney u could see the matches. but it’ll be fun to come play, eat some food. Im attempting to show that CT haves a fight scene worth looking at, people look past us and right at NY. also bring your system u get to eat free. BYOS, pad’s will be provided not Arcade sticks.


also we have four tv’s total we will have two system the store own system and my system, if i could remember correctly we have two flats and two regular monitors.