CT, July 2nd, Project-Failure's Friday Night Blackout


Project-Failure presenting Friday Night Blackout

Game: Super Street Fighter 4

Rules: Double Elimination, Best of 3 matches, Finals Best of 5 matches(Tonamento.com brackets) Each match 2 out of 3 rounds
Size: 12-16 players
Fee: $10 Tournament, $2 Venue
Hardware: Xbox 360, Bring your own stick, 3 hd stations for tournament use, two additional hd stations for casuals. (there may be casuals on other games as well) Pictures
When: Friday July 2nd, 2010. Tournament begins at 8pm.
Where: 134 Wooster Street, Naugatuck, CT 06770.
Payout: 70/20/10

This tournament will be run bi-monthly (Every two weeks). (We will try to adhere to this without conflicting with other local tournaments)

Because of the venue, this tournament is capped at 16 players.

This tournament is reserved seat only. If you are not on the list, do not come knocking on my door. If you are on the list and want to bring a friend (to watch or casuals), let me know, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Top 12 will receive a seat in the next tournament, bottom 4 will not be invited back, If you are bottom 4 and want to come back, let me know, we’ll add you to the rotation list, this will keep new faces and good competition.

If you have a reserved seat, and cannot attend the next tournament, let me know. We’ll work something out, and bring in some new blood. If you cannot attend this tournament, but wanted to be added to the rotation list for future tournaments, let me know. Sooner you are on the list, the better. If you are on the list, and you no-show, please have a good excuse if you want to come back.

There may be other money match/side tourneys afterwards, we’ll have some other games on hand.

If you have suggestions, for future changes, let me know. We’re always looking to improve the way things are done. So if you have a great idea for the next tournament we’ll see what can be done.

There has been an update to the pot! It will now be 70/20/10 split.
Also to follow the evo standard, we will no longer allow the winner to change ultra if loser counter picks. OK… so evo changed rules… whatever the rules are that day we will follow I guess lol


  1. Kyriptic
  2. HeroKiller
  3. TommyTwoTime77
  4. blinkme18278
  5. Sophos
  6. Joey Miggs81
  7. Andersen
  8. Ride the Walrus
  9. Magno (Ride the Walrus)
  10. hondatech1424
  11. Yea Aite (hondatech1424)
  12. Ken (hondatech1424)
  13. mikeywiggles203
  14. mayor mcjustin
  15. murda Lin (hondatech1424)
  16. Manny_O
    Buffer Overflow List
  17. g0dhand
  18. Gysbert
  19. apex27
  20. MarlinPie
  21. SmilingBison
  22. Shenmue [SmilingBison]
  23. PhantomRenegade
  24. squidkilla117
  25. blueNINE
  26. Kid D. Zaster
  27. LordPangTong
  28. Mindgame’s [LordPangTong]


Rotation List
-Cozen ( Andersen)

**Guests total:**4

Results Thread: http://shoryuken.com/f6/project-failure-friday-night-blackout-july-2nd-results-242594/
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C’mon Kyriptic!! What’s a guy gotta do to make sure that my name shows up automatically when a new tournament is put up you know I’m bringing the fight money and my voice


lol well I don’t auto put names cuz they have to reply to the thread so it bumps the thread up :stuck_out_tongue:


*requests to be on rotation *


I’m there


ahh smart, very smart.


I wanna come to this, what do i have to do to sign up


Mind if I show up just for shenanigans?


Your on the list.

Your on the list.

Your on the list, so just show up with $12 bucks hehe. If you can’t make it let me know as soon as possible so i can take your name out and add someone else.

Kyle your always welcome man.


If I come, I might have one or two guests with me, they won’t compete, but they’ll watch and not be any trouble. (If two guests is a no-go, that’s fine, but one person will have to come with me; long story) That said, sign me up.


Joey Muthafuckin Miggs is in!!!


I put you down with 2 guests. The 2 guests will have to pay the $2 venue fee, and they can play casuals all they want and during tournament we have 1 setup thats permanently just for casuals so the guests that didn’t enter can play and levelup so next time they can get in on some fight money! hehe

So just let me know if you still got 2 guests or whats going on.

CT Valle is on the list.


Nah fuck that shit man you join some lame play n trade but you wont play in the friday night blackout I putting you on blast for these shenanigans. just join what could go wrong thats all I’m saying


Haha Kyle runs the play n trade tourney. He doesn’t play in it.


sign me up

cozen on the maybe list


^ This

I don’t think my Mozart Hakan is ready yet. haha


Sign me up, I’ll be bringing Kyle with me and I’m sure Magno will come up again too


I added you and magno let me know if he ends up not making it.


sup kyriptic, sign me, yea aite, and ken please.


updated, ken didn’t come last time did he? don’t remember seeing a ken.