CT, June 11th, Friday Night Blackout by project failure

What a crazy hype night this was! Got a couple new faces that showed up and had some un-expected upsets. In the end The Realyst kept that shit real and took that fight money once again. Come on CT players, do we not know how to play versus blanka :stuck_out_tongue: Time to step that shit up and show him we’re not free money!

We also had a couple good Money Matches that went down, but I have to mention the Joey Miggz (aka CT Valle) vs Dweeb money match. Definitely the hypest match of the night! Good shit to both those players for such an exciting match to watch.

Now for the results…
link to bracket - http://tonamento.com/ViewBracket.aspx?id=556

1 William “The Realyst” Matthews $119.00
2 HondaTech1424 $51.00
3 Magno
4 Yeah Aite
5 Andersen
5 Jamal “dwEEb”
7 kyriptic
7 TommyTwoTime77
9 Emanuel “Manny O” Olaguivel
9 Andrew Tran
9 Joey “Heir of Slytherin” Miggs
9 Shenmue
13 Benny “Walrus”
13 Cozen
13 HeroKiller
13 Poundmax
17 Doctor Tran

Streamed matches will probably be posted on our site or you can watch the recorded stream on justin. Matches will be spliced up and titled in the coming days.


great job hondatech I told you you were the truth man!

Good shit to everyone. The tourney was awesome, fun, and smooth as hell. Definitely looking forward to the next one.

OMFG I just got home from the tourney/my homie’s house in MA big ups to all the people showing up and showing love on the stream and big ups to battlegrounds and their no man double elimination tourney lolol

As an update, all the tournament matches that were on the stream and recorded are now available on our youtube page,


i’ve also included the money matches that happened after the tourney

Incredible tournament as always guys. Very nice turnout this time around, as always I appreciate being able to do my shitty commentary! Also I can not give you guys enough credit for helping to bring a regular scene to the northern part of CT so a big thanks for that. Looking forward to July 2nd.