CT, Middletown 02/19/2011 - Takashi Cup


WHO: Courtesy of the Miyamoto League, LLC

WHAT: Takashi Cup - SSFIV Double Elimination Tournament

WHEN: February 19th, 2011, 4:00PM

WHERE: A New World Laser Tag & Underworld Gaming: 423 Main Street, Middletown, CT - (860) 343-399

Entrance Fee: $15.00 ($5.00 venue fee, $10.00 tournament fee)

[]XBox 360
]BYO Stick/Pad;
[]At least two ASUS HDMI Evo Standard Monitors
]Two standard-definition CRT TVs (lag-free)

Tournament Style:
[]Evo-standard, double-elimination bracket (courtesy of CHALLONGE! - Tournament Brackets - Single & Double Elimination, Round Robin, Swiss)
]All matches will be **best of three rounds, best of three games **up until winners’/losers’ finals
[]Winners’/losers’ finals will be best of three rounds, best of five games
]Grand finals are best of three rounds, best of five games as well. Winner of losers’ finals has to win twice to take first place.

Payout: 70/20/10-percent split (Entrance fee reimbursed for second runner up if 10% is less than entrance fee).

Tournament Organizer(s): G0dhand, Blondie

Questions/Comments: Email - takashicup@miyamotocup.com; Mobile - 203-907-5411<-- If you have text messaging, feel free to do so first before calling

Extra Information:
[]Because the venue sells it’s own drinks/food, no PAID FOR OUTSIDE FOOD OR BEVERAGES SOLD AT THE VENUE allowed inside the venue (venue prices are fairly cheap).
]Just reply to the thread if you plan on attending, bringing a guest, and/or may or may not attend and I’ll update the thread as needed.
[*]Dependent upon how many people choose to participate, we may/may not have a lazer tag tournament after the SSFIV tournament is over. :woot:

Hope to see a good showing! :tup:

Q&A Answers:
1.) There we will be absolutely no restrictions on character choice at any given point in time. This is includes if the match ends up being a mirror.

2.) This time around, because we’re having our tournament after the release of MvC3, we’ll have one station devoted to casuals for MvC3 open at all times. :tup:

3.) Something I need to stress for everyone: Please come on time. We’ve had some trouble with this in the past; we’d really like to not run into this again. While we understand that things happen, at the same time it sucks for us and the rest of the players to have to wait. The sign-ups start at 4:00PM, please try to be there at 4:00PM. If not everyone is here at 4, we’ll wait until 4:30 to make brackets and start taking money. If we’re still waiting, we will start WITH OR WITHOUT YOU AT 5:00 PM. We will try to queue some people’s matches last if you still need some extra time as long as you can confirm that you’ll be here, but if we don’t get a call or a post CONFIRMING that you’ll be present, we’re not going to enter you in the tournament. The phone number is there for a reason, please use it.

List of Possible Entrants:
[]Raion (Need Ride)
]Jakob002 (Need Ride)
[]MU CraigKeller
[]def PD


I’ll be there. I’d say let’s do a team tourney but after how horrible that last one went I’ll just keep my mouth shut.

Edit: I would enter a MvC 3 tourney if there is enough interest


Ok I have been trying to push us from Marvel casuals to a Marvel tournament. So how about we gauge some interest on this thread? When you let us know you’re coming tell us if you’re down for entering a Marvel tournament as well. I’d really like to see this happen and get everybody from CT out to the event since I know a lot of you guys have been waiting for Marvel before jumping back into the scene. As for teams can’t sum it up any better than Essex, maybe we’ll play it by ear but if do we get MvC3 going and I hope we do I have a feeling we’re going to be too late for teams (of course I had to take off last time and didn’t get to stay for them so maybe I should keep quiet!)

Also quick Pimp out: Make sure to make Kyle and Justin’s MvC3 Launch party if you can in Danbury on the 14th. MvC2 and 3 casuals and tournaments, good times to be had. http://shoryuken.com/f7/feb-14-2011-midnight-mvc2-3-tournment-danbury-ct-pnt-261756/


Agreed on both Essex’s and SmilingBison’s comments.

I should have polled it. Can I still edit the thread and include a poll for MvC3?


Rich, lmk if you want me to bring my monitor too. Same as urs, ASUS EVO Monitor. blah blah blah.

btw, im there. I will enter an MvC3 tourney too if you have one, though i will definitely be the biggest pot monster there at that game haha. Enjoy my money bitches!


Gonna need a ride for myself and my pal Jakob002 to this from New Britain.

Jakob is an out of state top player from the South, so it should be a good treat to the CT scene. =)


I’ll play in the tourney if anyone from the stamford area or near the stamford area goes can give me a ride I’ll chip in 20$ for gas if needed.


Manny_O comes to these. He usually stops at my house and I drive him up. If you want, hook up with him. He’s from Stamford.


thanks for the heads up I’ll ask Manny_o


I think we should run a laser tag tourney afterwards.


See you there.


Possibility of showing up just to support; I’ve been out of the game for too long and only been playing casually since SSF4.

I may try and see if some of the Waterbury, Meriden, and/or Hartford cats would come out.


That would be awesome, thanks. If any of them have limited/no access to SRK, just dish me some names and I’ll throw them up on the list.



Sho’s going to try and be there with Fuz. It’ll be my first time to one of these but none of the names look unfamiliar. Lookin’ forward to it :slight_smile:

P.S. We’d both be interested in a MAHVEL side tourney. More competition = more fun.


I believe most of them just lurk; I haven’t heard anything back from any of them. Also, all of us only have/play just on the PS3 (and therefore only have PS3 sticks). Any chance of getting a PS3 set-up (I’d be more than willing to bring my PSTRIPLE if necessary if my boys are coming)?


Ill be there. gonna be my first torny


Welcome to the fold, brother.


The venue has PS3s, it would just be up to you guys to bring your sticks.

However, the tournament will be held exclusively on the 360. I always bring two 360 sticks, and I’ll most likely have a third this time as well, a modded Hori with Sanwa parts. You and your friends are more than welcome to use them at your will (as long is I have one of mine open during my matches of course. :tup: )

We can, and most likely will, hold a Marvel 3 tournament that day on the side. The only problem we might have is getting all of the characters unlocked. Probably something we’ll work on while we play through the SFIV tournament.


thanks dude Im excited to go.I know im not gonna do amazing but i wanna get some experience


Just wanted to clarify in case there were any doubts, we will have everyone unlocked and available for use for the Marvel tournament. Also for the rules it will still be best 2/3 matches and 3/5 for finals winner stays same team (must also stay same starting character). We’re only a few days away, where are all the signups I figure everybody in CT would be showing up for a Marvel tournament?