CT Monster Mash 6-13-2010 Results

Holy Crap, awesome turn out for this tournament. A ton of new faces this time, hope this keeps up! Project-Failure stream was fucking great as well. Thanks to them and every for coming out to PNT Danbury and making another successful tournament! Keep an eye out for the next one!

For Recordings Check out the following:


Anyway, Here are the bracket links and resuts:

SSFIV Singles
Tonamento Brackets: http://tonamento.com/ViewTournament.aspx?id=472

1 William “The Realyst” Matthews $91.00
2 HondaTech1424 $26.00
3 Emanuel “Manny O” Olaguivel $13.00
4 Magno
5 kyriptic
5 Tim Holz
7 United Virus X
7 Gysbert
9 Jeremy “mindgame” Schreiner
9 Kryonik
9 Yea Aite
9 Dan "ILU Bridget"
13 Joe "Tempest"
13 Ben Plant
13 Sammy Lin
13 Huey
17 Mayor McJustin
17 Benny "Walrus"
17 knapich
17 Andrew Tran
17 Mike Motta
17 Nick "Kudou"
17 LordPangTong
17 TommyTwoTime77
25 Brasil
25 Meek

Teams (Which took so goddamn long for 6 teams. Holy hell)

Tonamento Brackets: http://tonamento.com/ViewTournament.aspx?id=588

1 Team Infinite $60.00
2 Team Tommy_O
3 Team John Rambo’s BFFs
4 Team Yea Honda
5 Team Donkey Show
5 Team Papa Fidel

big turn out this time hopefully next time more ppl will come

Had a great time. Stream ran pretty smooth for the majority of the the event, with the exception of a few hiccups during the team tournament. Not too bad overall, epic girl on girl battle to end it all off. I finally got to meet LordPangTong, let me know when your going to hit up Battlegrounds for melty. I have no clue how to play it, but I’m definitely down to watch some more of that melty hype. Also was cool to meet an xbox live buddy in person, bk-201 that bison is looking deadly.

Great tournament guys, GGs to everybody. I can’t wait for the next one so I hope it’s soon!

Thanks guys. I’ll be working in the lab cutting up any watchable videos I have from the day. Look for them on YouTube this week. Because of the small lag issue we had in the late afternoon I may not have much saved from teams.

I had an awesome time, and in my opinion it was well worth the drive. Had some awesome matches (and some INCREDIBLY long ones) Very much looking forward to attending the next one.

Shout outs to Play n Trade for hosting the event and running it so smoothly. I had a lot of fun meeting the folks I did, and good games to all! I’ll be scrubbing it up with my Sakura at the next one for sureee.

I’ve uploaded the first 10 matches of singles to YouTube at http://YouTube.com/theprojectfailure. I believe I have 8 more for singles and no idea what I have for teams. It’s likely that most of teams will not make it up because of the lag issues we had.