CT Monster Mash Act II-PNT Danbury, CT- 8/7/2010


Increase in price for tournament entry I want to have bigger/better payouts because you guys deserve it. So let me know in the poll! (I have to keep venue at $5, boss?s orders)

-Project-Failure will be streaming for us again. Thank you again!

  • I want to have more things running for casuals so please let me know what you’d like to see. I don’t have much myself (games/TVs/systems) so if you could help that’s awesome.

-I’m going to rearrange the store to get us more room. I’ll post shots of what it?ll look like ASAP

Play N Trade Danbury presents the CT Monster Mash Act II
Place: Play N Trade Danbury 1 Padanaram Rd. (in the North Street Shopping Center) Danbury CT, 06811
Phone: 203.885.1080
Date: Saturday August 7, 2010
Time: 8pm
Games: Super Street Fighter IV
System: Xbox 360 (Bring Your Own Stick)
Fees: Please see the poll! I want your opinions.
Payout: 70/20/10
Rules: Double Elimination, Best of 3 matches, Finals Best of 5 matches(Tonamento.com brackets) Each match 2 out of 3 rounds

Brackets: CT Monster Mash Act II
Stream: ProjectFailure on Justin.tv

Sign Ups(basic headcount):

  1. Mayor McJustin
  2. Spiderbonez
  3. deadlymagnoct
  4. Manny_O
  5. Rashikal
  6. Ride The Walrus
  7. Kyriptic
  8. DSP
  9. blueNINE
  10. Herokiller
  11. Fuzmaster
  12. Bobbypigo
  13. F0xhound009
  14. strizzmatik
  15. K-Money
  16. Evillee
  17. Jcool813

** Maybes **

  • AxelSlam
  • LuckyD
  • CP
  • AsianTom
  • Del1rium
  • Dusty Feets
  • blinkme
  • United VirusX
  • LiquidSwordz
  • pharcyd3


I’m down btw i wouldn’t mind seeing capcom vs snk 2 for casual play or even third strike


Heck yeah, Capcom vs SNK 2. Do you mind the PS2 version? Unfortunately I don’t have the Dreamcast copy readily available. D=


Alright Awesome! I’ll see what I can do about getting a setup of CvS2


i dont mind as long as its not the gamecube version im good also i have a bootleg copy of CVS 2 for dreamcast that comes also with third strike MVC 2 and super turbo if you don’t mind i’ll bring the bootleg to play


Okay…gonna try and make this one, last time I had real trouble getting a ride but I’m hoping I can make it out here.


Where are you located? I can see about maybe finding you a ride


i have cvs2 set up just no ps2 modded sticks or nothing anymore but i have the game and ps2


I’ll be there for sure. It’d be cool if there was a marvel set up.


i’m there as usual :clapdos:


I’ll take this as a “i’m in” from you Magno. xD I think we’re set for cvs2. I know Kudou has a setup and 2 ps2 sticks.

Let me see what I can scrounge up.


Kudou lets negotiate, I broke my Tekken5 stick for ps2 but i want to get my hands on another one :stuck_out_tongue: or any other ps2 stick for that matter sup


why don’t you dual mod your TE? for xbox and ps2/ps3


I’m in Broad Brook, which is pretty far out of the way to go. I’m fairly certain I can find a way over but I’d love a sort of backup plan.


i want to revisit the birth place of cheeseburger, lol but i think ill be going away that weekend put me as a not sure for now if there is such a list lol


lol man that will always be a good story to tell. Sorta how blackout got its name too lol


Will do sir, if you do show up, I’ll honor it with a Cheeseburger. Let me know your preference between BK or McD’s


I’m gonna try and get the day off/work a morning shift that day but it’s gonna be hard so I might not be able to make this :frowning:


Hopefully you can make it. It wouldn’t be the same without you.


its been a while since we came down, but im gonna try to get cp tom and i to go!
hail to the foxfire!