CT Thread | June 12 @ Gaming ETC

Alright so who’s still up waiting for AE?

edit: Okay :frowning:

Oh i’m here hunnie. Seven more minutes…

Downloadan, get hype

I have to wait till after work :frowning: to get savaged with the new Cammy

Just raped two cammy’s before work. If you can’t find a way in you’re done.

Saw the little scamp trying to get the TKCS and got a jump back lk.

What’s up everyone?! NH scene has done a bit of growing since linking up with the new Pinball Wizard Arcade in Pelham, NH. As a result we are holding our first console tournament on the 18th! Apologies for the short notice, but details can be found at the link below for those interested in driving up:tup:.

Im gonna download that shit now

Evil Ryu is horrible. lol. He has no way to be offensive and hes supposed to be more aggressive like Akuma? They gave him no tools to be aggressive at all. His u2 looks really cool but like last time, u1 is definitely better and connects in more situations. The only thing he has is f MP to Shoryuken to FADC to ultra 1 which is a one frame link. Hes still traditional ryu. Oh, and his crmk poke is too slow on start up to be solid. (looks like 5-7 frames) It doesn’t even matter if he can do tatsu to shoryu now…because he has no way to pressure you. On top of that, he cant follow up cross up tatsu either. Push back is too far.

You combo into his overhead if they are crouching for max dmg if they are crouching
and you combo into tatsu if they are standing to gain max damage/stun.

I’m sad that he sucks.

Oni is really fun and i think he has shenanigan potential. I’m going to play him.

LOL at the twins having like 10 hours to hit confirm after a dive kick. No wonder they are god tier ATM

What about evil ryu’s overhead kick (I think its only EX)? That thing looks like it’d be pretty beast for pressure on down backers.

this guy is!

Clearly this is all fact because you’ve had the game for three hours.

Anyone else getting a corrupted data message after AE downloads?

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You have the on-demand version of the game I’m guessing? They’re working on a fix

Son of a bitch. Any time frame?

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No clue, that’s just what I know.

Ironically I am playing against a pretty offensive Evil Ryu right now. >_>

Kryonik: Yeah, I do know it to be pretty close to factual because this game is really easy to figure out.

How to play the twins:

Do a dive kick to ST LP (the hit box is AMAZING for both of them…it hits on a crouching Blanka! Also, it nets the most frame advantage to begin their combos)

if youre yun: st mp to whatever you want (shoryu kicks or dash punch preferably)

if youre yang: cr mk to whatever you want. (IE-mantis slashes to FADC to u2/u1 both for full animation or FADC mantis to st mk resets.)

Both of Yangs ultras are extremely useful depending on the mu. u2 goes through projectiles, combos off of shoryu kicks, ex mantis slashes in corner, and mantis slashes FADC.

U1 is a decent anti air, combos off of FADC mantis slashes, and combos after CL MK after a Low dive kick follow up for full animation.

The biggest thing about the twins that makes them god tier is

A-All of yuns shit is safe
B-Frame advantage on dive kicks is dumb.
C-combos are straight forward and VERY rinse and repeat with low execution.
D-Great, quick, answers for any projectile zoning.

I swear that this guy spends money so that he’s able to complain more.

e.ryu is too fun

i have to wait til 8pm tonight to play because of the On Demand corrupted data crap