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New tournament thread is up [March 16th] New Challengers: Invasion! AE/UMVC3/KOF & and More (Stratford, CT) 16th people, we got the venue availability on short notice but lets blow it up!!!<br>


Holy fuck this thread is dead


Most of the people post on the fb page i guess.


Its a lot more convenient.


[Mar 30, 2013] Game Underground Monthlies (Framingham,MA) GU tournament on the 30th all you all people. Does CT have its own facebook group? If so…somebody post it up there for me. <3



ct fgc fb group





Guys dont forget this April 20th is our event [Apr 20, 2013] The Good, The Bad, The New Challengers AE/UMVC3/MK & more (Stratford, CT) the winner of AE will also be winning a round trip ticket to EVO!!! Also we’ll see if we can setup an injustice side tournament


Injustice GAU event at GU next Sunday the 21st! If you are real excited for this game you should show up. The Injustice League of Massachusetts! (3v3, Good Vs Evil, Casuals all day)


Hey guys, long time no talk. Still gaming at ETC in Stratford every Sunday? Might stop by for some AE




New SRK killed CT.


Dam I wanted to go to the tournament but my ride failed me -_-




Are there any local fight nights or semi-regular tournaments happening up in Hartford County area?


shouts to the CT guys! finally have some time to support GU’s second event GUTS 2;


I’ll be sending out as many invites as I can today via the book of faces


Anyone know if there’s a FG scene in East Haven?


one of our sponsors is giving us a $200 pot bonus for Tekken first place at the event!
and $250 AE pot bonus has been announced for it !