CT Thread | Weekly Thursdays 7pm Fire & Dice Games Milford CT

lmao I was laughing so much when I saw that

CT also let me buy my friends dinner. I <3 CT. (RI/MA rep here)

(also :frowning: i lost)

just picturing will at chili’s or something, ordering everything while throwing his winnings in the air “muahahahahah yes i’d like the ribs huahahahah”

You guys are a bunch of dicks. Making me get up before 3pm to get to a tourney, massively hung over…then I have to play MarlinPie, HondaTech, Magno and Raion.

Whatever happened to the old days when you had 3 rounds of byes and warmup matches?

Fuck, I’m getting old.

Finals are up on http://www.youtube.com/DSPStreetFighter for anyone interested.

FYI It was great to see the former team Hate/TGA now Team Ferocious in the house. Miss the good old days of TGA and I hate that I can’t travel much because of my back injury. Hope to see you guys come out more often.

Had a massive turnout for this tournament, this is awesome! I might get motivated to play shit competitively again…(remembers the MarlinPie combo video in MvC3 and losing to basic Bison shit in AE)…ok maybe not.

Congrats to the winners and participants, this event was a sign of great things to come for the CT community. Thank you for the opportunity to let us stream and to those that helped with the commentary. Bacardi did a great job of running things as always. Here is the link to our archived stream from the event. AE is up right now and will post again when MVC3 is there.


If you dig our stream and appreciate the effort, please follow us on justin.tv and check out our website at http://dontblowthis.com/

Hey guys full results are up for those wanting to know where they placed

Im glad alot of CT Lurkers showed up, hope to see them again :wink:

Also congrats to Foxhound for winning Fallout: New Vegas in the freebie raffle. That was pretty cool on the stores part to raffle off a game for free for people showing up. Hope to see everyone next time

This is awesome

Ok so when I go to work today I’m just gonna request the next Sunday that I can off and hopefully there will be something going on at Gaming Etc.

Well we’ll be at gaming etc those who are to poor to go to evo that weekend watching streams and bssing

Howard, Where the MVC3 footage at?

When/where are the fight nights in Windsor/Hartford? Looking to get as much practice in before EVO.

Windsor Wednesdays are at Sho’s house, he’ll either post about them tomorrow or wednesday morning telling you to PM him for info.

hahahahaha fuckin gdlk. that woulda been it if I won but and i didnt!! so it was just duchess across the street :frowning: those chilidogs were wack
I blame you for my loss.
I also blame you for the subpar hotdogs.

Phil!!! It was good seeing you man and hey not the former team hate guys we still are Team HATE but we have been using the 4ociouS team name since late in the 3S days. I hope to get out to the next one of these when it happens it was good to see the CT guys

Duchess is god tier. They have awesome onion rings, cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches and breakfast sandwiches. Can’t say I’ve ever had their chili dogs though.

^ top teir chicken sandwiches for sure.

yo kryonik i was looking for you all around before i left… i am sorry i left with your lighter that bic is GDLK tho.
everyone else GGs at gaming etc… didnt do too bad for not even touching AE/mvc3 for two weeks than playing hung over with the worst headache ever, i did better than i usually do

agreed, any sessions going on let me know i want to get in as much as possible before evo, esp since i had to miss yesterdays tourney…feel left out :frowning:

well if you want Essex we can run another set of casual and a funsie tournament this sunday if you want

http://www.justin.tv/dontblowthis/b/290411933 an hour in to it your footage is there sir.