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Greenfield has rodents running all over the place at midnight. im surprised i havent been biten by anything O_O

I’m picturing you rekka punching a possum and the image is hilarious

Wow, what a shame to be talking shit to one of the nicer people in the community. If it wasn’t for Bacardi, this thread would be dying. Our scene wouldn’t have a get-together every Sunday in public AND I would be personally be raining hell down on any and all that bring bullshit into this thread.

I am the dragon and he is moat! Protecting you from your own bitchery. . . You should appreciate his kindness Cecil. Lest the Walterpocolypse will be upon you.

If it were another mod, you would have been banned. Im sure of it.

Actually Dont Jump saved the thread, everyone likes responding to him

Its not just me, DSP is there helping Howard and Chris Doyle are there streaming or dragging ST cabs and everyone that shows up and has input on how to change things or make them better/enjoyable

You <3 CT to much lol

I think the reference you wanted to use was " I am the sword and he is the shield" I dont know how a moat would help a dragon. But I did ban Mayu but I wont let it ride the full 90 days I’ll shorten it he just needs a time out

Poor mayu, not to start a dj vs mayu discussion… (screw it why not)

I’m 90% sure Mayu’s been to more CT tournaments/gatherings than DJ has. So I feel its a bit unfair to say at least DJ comes out and he doesn’t when he definitely does. I think he was just joking/trying to be funny, with that picture and didn’t really mean to offend baccardi. But ya it was definitely over the top.

Should be going to Souper Bowl on Sunday! Although if people don’t want to drive, CT hosting something would be good.

I didnt know GU was having something Sunday

Damn. I’m inspired. As long as I have company I’m taking my (super shitty 88) Jeep to the August Stratford tourney so long as it isn’t the 7th or 14th. Those are the nights of my show.

Was going through someone elses ECT pics and found…

Bacardi is right. If NJ can show up, there’s no excuse really.

If I remember correctly its just i91 to i95.

You should definitely try to make it. Great turn out.

I’m on vacation those days =\

I played like shxt that tournament and need to redeem myself.

Walter should be banned for being ass at 3s.

Hahaha I should I’m pretty booty at 3s, when 3sO comes out there will always be a setup for it

OKAY SO. On my way to work this morning my clutch blew out. 1000+ dollars to fix that so I won’t have a car for a while, maybe not until after august. If anything I’m just hoping I get a newer one that I’m not afraid of taking on the highway. Hopefully.

every ect picture ive seen has bluenine’s stick being used

That thing really did get around.

Selling my fast GTI!

Maaan, I don’t even have $1000 to fix my 88 wrangler. You think I got the money for that?

Did Eric take that? Or was it someone completely different? Where did you find it?

Bluenine’s stick…getting around…I see what you did there.