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Me and Jon played it the day before P-F when we were setting up for its debut and Tom brady was coming. It was lots of fun and after awhile stuff was making sense, but then I kept hearing how much online sucked. Being I play mostly online because of time/convenience I was like eh fuck it. Then I guess I just lost interest and focused more on learning the new cammy in AE.

I never understood the whole “online sucks” thing. =\

I never had an unfair or bad experience online I guess.

Well from my understanding when MK first came out the netcode was almost unplayable, but they’ve patched it.

Yeah I mean that’s fair. If you’re mostly an online player then I’d understand why you wouldn’t get into MK or MVC3. Netcode in those games is pretty subpar.

MK netcode may be bad but its still one of the top 10 games played in MLG. I think the error alot of TOs are doing is trying to convert the capcom players to MK instead of finding new players to play MK

Oh snap! CT taking 5th in AE and 3rd in MvC3 at Guard Crush!

Third Strike is that CRACK. CRACK I say.

Why in the flying hell would they nerf YANG? I still don’t event hink Yang is top tier at all and its not like he was raping tournaments anyway. Oh yeah, wait…they listen to scrubs.

Yun also got nerfed wayyyyyyyyy too hard. They nerfed EVERYTHING he does.

The only thing i was happy with/glad they fixed was ibukis U2 now gets full hits if it hits an airborne opponent. That had to be one of her biggest problems with that ultra. So annoying.

New players as in people who don’t play fighting games at all? That seems tricky. Most of the non-fighting game gamers I’ve talked to seem to think fighting games are all about memorizing combos and frame data and don’t really take any real skill. I feel like the people interested in fighting games in general terms are already playing them.

They fixed her Ultra 1, not 2

That way, instead of being hit once and dropping, you get the full juggle in the bubble ala Kikosho

Now I’m salty I had to bail on Manny…

Nah, they fixed both. U2 juggles but probably won’t go full animation it says, kind of like Yang’s U2 on air hit.

You guys need this 3s basics playlist

O sweet deal

(Thinks about when we played)

Yeah, I agree.

i find 3S only fun in training mode. i’m complete basura. willing to learn though. Walter teach me yun so i can troll online.

Haha It’s cool, definitely liked playing against you and other people who knew what they were doing. My Alex will definitely get better, happy with the perfect I got that one match against somebody in the lobby too.

You know whats funny is that I am going in hard with yun now lol

Doesn’t matter if it is as popular as SF. Tekken isn’t as popular as SF and it is MLG.

keep playing mk… much better game

i like that mk is getting talked about alot more… its a good game and ppl need to try it out in order to say if they like it or not… i tried sf and i tried and tried. but i suck the game just isnt for me, but i respect the game… mvc hot garbage!!! infintiys are wack in a fighting game period! stop wasteing ur time on that game. throw it out and wait for the new one!!! MK ALL DAY!!!

Thanks, Bacardi. Anyone have more info on the orange/new haven meet ups? I’ll try to make it to the next tournament, this is going to be fun!