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So, http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6SmTWn2wiNk

SF X Tekken looks like another stupid A-B-C scrubby combo fest game. As expected.

Yun is not better than Vanilla Sagat at ALL. lol. Yun has weak reversals, weak pokes, low health, low stun. All of which Sagat raped w in Vanilla. Plus w Vanilla it was Sagat…and then the rest of the cast. Now it is Yun/Yang/Fei/Gief…the rest of the cast.

Third Strike online looks incredible. I’m gonna practice on my ps2 and get ready for some fools to body me. I’ll be free for a little while but am excited to learn a new/old game. I played mvc2 the other night and got bodied pretty hard but definitely learned some stuff/what i need to do to improve.

GG’s SSF4 AE. I give you a year to die due to Tekken Tag 2, Third Strike, and SF X Tekken.


Its a six button fighter with juggles.

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Hey Craig can you bring a By Odins Beer t shirt on sunday? Ill buy it from you there, unless you only do it on the website


I want that godlike apparel shirt…


Walter only on the website for now.


Coming soon: Flowchart Ken & Reeboks-Titties-Ass


So who is coming down to gaming etc sunday?


i’m in there walter.

what’s your GT?

mine is FREEJ4Y


I’ll most likely be there, that venue was pretty fun


mine is sp00ky monster


ill definitley be there… ill be there at 10


If I’m not working I’ll show up and throw mad kunais and roses at everyone.


Should be fun people, Im still waiting on a couple of things before I make the ranbat season official


Craig when are you gonna make the Stop dropping “Combos” shirt? lmk


I might make it to ETC again not sure.


I want us to all to go down to ECT on friday in the afternoon. This way we can relax and go out friday night to have a good time. So for those who wanna travel down with me I have another gps so that you wont get lost. I guess I should ask, who wants to go down friday?

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Sorry to those that couldn’t make it, it was a great time and we’d be glad to have you next time.

Justin, Needles, Blackout, Bebop, and I were expecting that, we were under the impression that we were leaving in the morning. We definitely want to be able to have a good time.

Edit: On a seperate note KOF13 IS TOO GODDAMN HYPE, seriously gonna pick that game up and play it competitively.


I wont make it sunday I work that day :frowning: I really wanted to play some AE.


Just making sure. I want to know so that travel can be all figured out.

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I’m already sick of doing Dive Kicks and mashing them out. I’m just going to go back to Dudley and Ibuki. I think Dudley is incredible in this game…

Does anyone else think Ken is like top 4? Hes so stupid/easy mode in this game.


I feel like we should go out somewhat early. Maybe around like 10 or 11 am? That way we can get some casuals in on Friday too.