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So like, chips, dip, pin the tail on the donkey?


Wouldn’t see why you wouldn’t do AE.


FML live so close but i dont get paid till next week O_O


So i kind of think i like Evil Ryu now. Hes fun/challenging to play. Yang to me atm is not worth it because he does not deal damage/stun. Hes really stupid but im kind of bored with him now and i feel like other characters do so much more dmg. Honestly, i think ken is better than Yang.

Because he likes Marvel and SF is not his game? Have you read his sig? lol. He’s always been a fan of Marvel more so than SF. Its his calling. It’s his tournament and he can do as he chooses.

I can’t stand it when community members try to tell TO’s how to run their tournaments.

My philosophy behind people and rules/regulations/games they want to see:

Run your own event if you do not like it.


Maybe some hungry hungry hippos.

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an important read for some of you guys


Thanks Bacardi…

I hate our economy. This shit is not going to get better. It keeps getting worse…and worse…and worse.


Oh my bad. I thought tournament organizers were in it for the community more, and not just about what they wanted to play.

I wasn’t trying to tell him how to run his own tournament. I understand that when the tournament first started MvC3 was hot and Super was kind of dying because AE was on the way. Now that AE is out I thought it would be added to the list of tournaments, because its what is being played lol.


Ok, so who wants to travel down with me on Friday? I will go around Noonish. It would help if someone who drives would travel down with me. I will provide you a GPS. I can only hold so many people in my car.


You’re talking about NEXT friday right?


I would have been hard for me to state that seeing as i wrote that post at 3:15 pm… lol

ECT is next weekend… I NEED TO LEVEL UP FOR MK!!!
Walter, I’ve seen the shang tsung shenanigans… crazy learning curve


The state might as well take my balls since they’ve taken everything else. Governor Malloy would you like them on a silver platter or would a disposable plate suffice?


If you take myself sho, blackout and bebop you would have 2 people (myself and bebop) who can drive reliably. I can also drive stick in case your car is a standard.


Lol don’t stress. The thing is that Waterbury is more of a Marvel town. So I will always host mvc3 mainly but I will host an AE tournament on the same day. I will just ask for a few of you to be nice enough to bring a set up.
I will update the tournament forum soon. So it will be MVC3 and AE


Okay cool.


Im not worried about driving. I got that covered, its only about an hour and a half. I meant others to follow me down. in order to get other people down like Raion who got in touch with me before anyone for this.


man I would be down to go and drive but I am short on money. Anyway what is it per head now?


For the room it is $50

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@esco - i can’t make the 17th. I’m going tubing that weekend in upstate ny.

@everyone else - I don’t see sales blowing up on mashultra.com – FOR SHAME!


Dude I want to but I’m poor. D: