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hmm decisions…


I have a stock super TE. the graphic is messed up because i thought you opened that stick from the top like the TE R1 and R2.

I’ll sell it for a reasonable price.

the famous beau-b-q. i will have to miss the first one. i’ll be in florida. Drink a cold one for me :frowning:


Guys there will be another warmup tourney for Evo next sunday who is interested in some skull girl action?


You know whats funny? Before SF x T came out, there was a shit storm from people on this thread, I only remember Realyst’s inane ideas ATM cuz my memory sucks anyway. It was basically arguing with those of us that saw how gems and a few other mechanics would make SF x T a horrible game.

You were quick to argue with my stance on the gems and the constructive criticism I had for SF X T. . . and even got butt hurt b/c I had never introduced myself to you in person. Now, looking back on it, I just wanted to say, “I told you so”. Settle down now! Don’t kill me b/c I’m talking to you on the board now Realyst. I know you said not to talk to you until I introduce myself in person. Sorry I haven’t done it sooner, I have been quite busy. I promise I will introduce myself to you next time I see you. That way, you don’t have to feel as bad when I talk down to you on this board.


Lol, you came back here to post that? And I’m the person who is butt hurt? Haha! All I said was to try the gems out before you criticize them. I didn’t say they would be the greatest things ever invented in the history of fighting games… Glad you’re feeling yourself about that though. I’ll just hold whatever L you think you’ve bestowed upon me I guess.

I wasn’t butt hurt about you not introducing yourself to me. You’re not important to me so it’s whatever. My life goes on just fine without you. I personally just think its a bitch move to say nothing to someone in person, but then yap it up to that person online when you don’t like what he types. No offense of course. Its just my opinion. I would either talk shit to someone in person and online or say nothing to them online and nothing to them in person.but everyone is not me. I understand. It’s easier to type than talk. To each there own I guess.

You really don’t need to introduce yourself to me dude. I much rather go back to ignoring you online AND in person.


Oh! I’m super interested in action involving Skullgirls.


so is CT gonna just duck me in mvc2 as a whole state? is that whats goin on?

and :frowning: i wanna go to the beau-b-q but theres a tourney in mass on the 30th :frowning:


So youre just not going to go to either is what youre saying?


Last night we had a fun ass room in AE 2012 IsaacIsTheBest Edition. Anyone down for another Endless tonight?




So your going to come to a tournament? If you dont come we cant play its that simple


Well getting setups shouldnt be to hard but getting people to come to play is a different story. Im going to run it next sunday at Warmup #2 see if I can get Chibi to come up


More hot babes this time. PJ isn’t enough to go around.


just got xbl lol… im down! who should i add?


you can add me if you want

gamer tag: mayor mcjustin


shots fired

its just so far away broski :frowning: #brokelife
play me in VF soon! I Am Shun-Di


we probably should just hire strippers…

fuck the tourney we’re gonna get drunk as fuck all day cook swim and play some fuggin games!!!


That tourney in Mass is in Boston which is a terrible place. Id rather get stabbed in New Haven or even go to … Rhode Island.


Don’t say things you can’t take back, Doug.


kissy face