CT Thread | Weekly Thursdays 7pm Fire & Dice Games Milford CT


More hot babes this time. PJ isn’t enough to go around.


just got xbl lol… im down! who should i add?


you can add me if you want

gamer tag: mayor mcjustin


shots fired

its just so far away broski :frowning: #brokelife
play me in VF soon! I Am Shun-Di


we probably should just hire strippers…

fuck the tourney we’re gonna get drunk as fuck all day cook swim and play some fuggin games!!!


That tourney in Mass is in Boston which is a terrible place. Id rather get stabbed in New Haven or even go to … Rhode Island.


Don’t say things you can’t take back, Doug.


kissy face



Will I hate your Shun… that is all.

Justin I’ll probably be on.

Rashikal… You better bring that Wii if you come to this tourney or someone supply it. Windsor… you better show up I want to Ness vs Lucas Blackout! Afterwards… I want a 0.5 match and I’m playing Falco…


Planning on coming Sunday. Walter, what are the chances of MK being run?


ighty justin adding you… btw anyone who might be interested, selling an already modded se and a sf4 te for the ps3


ya i’ve had work last couple tournaments but i will be there sunday and i’ll bring the wii and i’ll remember the wiimote this time :smiley:

the tourney starts at 1pm?


Correct sir.


Reminder guys this Sunday [Jun 24, 2012] New Challengers EVO Warmup AE 2012, UMVC3, KOF13 & VF5:FS (Stratford, CT)


I totally missed this post, I was going to run it next sunday : / , if you want bring your xbox with copy and we can run casuals for it if you want


FGC > Smash

That is all, also sandbagging ftw.

That place can not run a tournament… either way FGC won every game. That kid from gaming etc that was playing marvel on a PS2 controller won 2 of the games and some guy that Isaac knows won N64, I got 2nd in Melee and Norwalk got bodied the deed was done and the gift card was not worth it for a prize anymore.


oh damn i should have went to that! someone needs to come see my captain falcon in melee. sheiks allowed. u don’t scare i don’t scare


Dude that shit was free, It was a free for all set up all the way until Finals, by choice and items were on/off by choice, that shit was free. Me and Isaac just sandbagged our way into Final.

Also this kid was a troll in the childrens tournament… he was about to go Pichu in grand finals lol