CT Thread | Weekly Thursdays 7pm Fire & Dice Games Milford CT


I would be there if I didnt have to work
profound sadness
Also, the concensus is in. Freddy needs to stop playing KOF. He has been told


He won money today via money matches as he did not want to do Round Robins…


Guys this is the thread for next Sunday tournament post in it if your going [Jul 1, 2012] EVO Warmup #2 UMVC3/VF5:FS/AE/KOF (stratford, ct) After this tournament depending on turnout will determine when is the next CT tournament that I run


This means… everybody must come… except Jamal… enjoy your vacation.


Seriously 5 out of state players vs 5 in state players in AE i mean seriously LBSK drove 2 hours from Mass from a 10 man AE tournament.


wasnt it 12 or 13?


Ah. Now I understand why the guy was so salty when he lost to me. Lmao


Shout outs to Bacardi. Thanks for everything yesterday man. I’ll most likely be able to make next Sunday. Had a bunch of fun getting casuals in with a lot of people yesterday!


Dude he is salty because he wants to win not because he drove 2 hours to play :stuck_out_tongue: . I am seriously becoming disheartened running tournaments, due to the overall lack of interest I am feeling from this state. I understand a lot of people have work/conflicting schedules but we have gone from a high of 135 unique entrants to 12 people… Is it a problem people have with the venue? me? the games being run? Burned out from the frequency of tournaments? I only do this for you guys, and while I would like to develop this into something further but without your guys support I cant ask my current backer (Gaming ETC) to put more money into me. So guys lets talk and all help each other


I’ll make it this weekend Wally, I’ve been pretty busy lately but I do miss hanging out with the CT crew.


Manny I know you had work and I know everyone cant make it every weekend. But like I am saying we went from 135 to 12, something is seriously adrift and I want to get attendance back up


I miss Manny and his stylish glasses. FULL BLOWN HOMO!


I blame Kenny cause he never stops by anymore.


he was actually there yesterday


Thread for this sunday btw guys [Jul 1, 2012] EVO Warmup #2 UMVC3/VF5:FS/AE/KOF (stratford, ct)


I had shit to do on Sunday. That’s pretty much the only reason I didn’t go. Last weekend I was just tired and hungover. I’ve been to almost all the other ones though!


Kry I know your there all the time so don’t view that post directed at you


Walter I am taking Sunday off from work. I havent shown up these past few tournaments but I will be returning and to be nice I wont even ask for a raffle this time.


I blame essex. And that its 2hrs away from RI :frowning:


I know with me we just got back from CEO and I couldn’t afford to take a Sunday off, and if I don’t think I’ll be able to this Sunday either. Doing theatre eats up all your free time :frowning: