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Sunday is packed with the store doing Yugioh rankings or something, Long time no see.

Now we just need Waff to return.

World is ending on Friday so that tournament couldn’t possibly happen.

Going out with Alcohol that night… should be fun :smiley:

Are you sure you will still be here that night?

Agreed dude. I got a kid in 3rd grade in Danbury. Scary shit. My condolences if u lost anyone, i hope everyone u know is ok. :’(

My family members are safe, but my friend’s little sister was killed. My best friend’s nephew was getting ready to go to afternoon kindergarten at Sandy Hook when they got the call about the active shooter situation. I know almost all of the families of the victims. I used to play little league baseball at Sandy Hook elementary and went to smart camp there in the summer. the most memorable part about the school were the big colorful painted footprints on the long driveway to the school. I had a class with Adam Lanza in 2008. It was computer repair with Mr. Swetts at Newtown High School. He had an autism spectrum disorder. He was a very quiet and polite kid. The most disturbing part is that in that class kids brought in counter strike 1.6 on discs and installed it. the classroom was set up so there was an area for lessons, and an area for repair, and the teacher’s office. while the teacher was in his office or helping kids repair, we would play counter strike on lan and Adam Lanza would play with us. i even did a group project with him. he was incredibly smart, and basically fixed the whole computer by himself while i was goofing off. i tried to be nice to him every day. He never once spoke as long as i knew him. if he smiled he only smirked. he clearly had a lot going on in his mind. he was fearful of people, he would always walk right up against the side of the hallway, with eyes to the ground clutching his briefcase that he carried instead of a backpack. if anyone bothered him or bumped into him he would clutch his briefcase against his chest. he was really small and weak. It was clear that he had an interest in guns. It fills me with so much anger that this happened. I know where he lives, and from his house he would have driven past the high school to get to the elementary school. I believe that he was afraid that security guards or high school kids would be strong enough to tackle him or overpower him, so he chose the elementary school for the easiest possible people to kill. Writing this makes me feel sick to my stomach.

I also knew Vicki Soto. she was beautiful. i just heard on the news that the teacher vicki soto’s body was found on a pile of her 1st grade students bodies. that news just made me vomit.

oh my god dude. im so sorry :frowning:

Jamal, teach Craig Dee Jay. I need to level up my Rastafarian Guile!

Subject changed because I keep crying like a baby every time i check any social media.

This entire weekend has been beyond anything we could ever imagine happening in CT. I personally couldnt imagine what everyone in Newtown is going through that lost someone. There isnt anything I could even say because I have no place to do so. Especially to Rashikal. All I could say is that my heart goes out to the entire town. I have a 6 year old son. I wouldnt know what to do if I was in that situation. All we could do is keep the children in our thoughts. They didn’t derserve this.
On a positive note… I want a ranbat match on tuesday. I want Rich (Godhand). We’ve gone back and forth at his house and I want dat ass. And I want to play him in Street Fighter after.

Who’s getting killahsmurf also Jeremy (mindgam3) is coming back so I expect to see some kof ft10

I’m down to party. After that we can get a first-to-ten in. Also I propose that we be allowed to commentate on our own match, live as it occurs. I think it’s the only way to give the viewers at home the true g0dhand vs. MayorMcJustin experience.

$20 on g0dhand. Any takers?


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But our matches are usually involving alcohol and heavy petting

Thanks Craig and Justin for your words. It helps knowing that people have Newtown in their thoughts and prayers.

Obama responded to a note my former history teacher left on the whiteboard in a classroom where Obama was meeting with the families of the victims and Obama responded:


On a lighter note I think me and Paul were gonna do a ft5 in kof

Oh yeah KOF does run longer in most cases.

Can’t download Street Fighter X Megaman. Keeps starting the download, running for twenty minutes, and then timing out. Obviously Capcom’s server is ridiculously overloaded. Why haven’t they made a new Megaman yet?

Megaman is basically over.

one reason i dont play umvc3 is because seeing kattelox island pisses me off because megaman legends 1 and 2 were my favorite games as a kid and im still salty that they cancelled megaman legends 3. i have a 3ds collecting dust because i bought it for mml3 lol.

What up, any people in Bridgeport,CT play SSF4 online? don’t really have the means to go to tourny this month with no money and all. I main Hakan, and Seth… MY PSN is AyoPunky if ppl would like to add me.

Oh, and if Mayor McJustin sees this, this is Punky, Deon friend that he tried to get to come to his house that day but couldn’t.