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Yeah I know, but Hsien and Choi would have definitely better choices.

But you don’t choose who goes. The winner goes…

They didn’t win

Truthfully… it doesn’t matter who we send to SBO. We’re never gonna win that shit, single elim plus only 3 teams vs like 20 japanese teams? lets just say odds are not in our favor lol

I know! Stop taking what i say so literally lmao.

I have some bad news. Due to some unforseen circumstances with money, I may not be able to attend Summer Jam. This really sucks because I have been the one who has been really hype about it. Im a definite for winter brawl and Im gonna try for MLG Orlando, but this month i had some issues and dont think I can attend Summer Jam :frowning:

i just took that friday and monday off :confused: , dammit who is going that I can get in with for a ride and room. Just let me know how much or I’ll cancel those days off and play RE with justin

Talk to Kenny, he has the room reserved. I had already spoken to him.

Season’s Beatings?

I should be up and running tonight with my xbox and stuff… (i just moved)

so maybe one night a week we can have some fights at my place in BPT?

Can we all talk about when Seth is discussing UMVC3? LOL. You can clearly see in this interview that he is pissed and that Seth knows they are just trying to get our money…lol at quickly changing back to SF X T.

I think SF X T looks dumb too in general. I like the idea/concept. I just dont think it will be a good game.

Seasons beatings is in Ohio. Winter brawl is the winter version of summer jam in Phily.

Yeah I know. I asked if you doing Season’s Beatings in june and you said you were going to try and make that trip.

Hmmmm. I’m not sure. Ill have to look and see where it falls.

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I’m looking to do a rental to Summer Jam Walter. I’ll let you know. It also depends on how many people we get in the car. I’m coming back on Sunday though. I’m not trying to take any days off of work.

Also, SBO is trash. It’s not geared towards Americans at all. I don’t understand why they have US qualifiers for it. The specific players that get to go there benefit, yes. But as far as the true spirit of competition goes, they don’t care about the US.

October 15-16

I got a chance to play against poonkgo a good 5 matches in SFxT. Two things I can say is that when I was getting bodied hard. I was always felt I was having fun. It felt like marvel where it didnt matter what was going on. I continued to have fun when I attempted to land my pokes and block his mix-ups. The other was if anyone was scared to see same old LMH launcher LMH combos dont worry. Poonkgo was doing combos that looked difficult and fun to matched. He abused the crap out of that cross rush two player attack mode.

DJ, wait until you even get a chance to play before you worry it not being a good game. I played it on two different occasions and I have liked the game more each time.

PS. Poison is fun as hell.

O yea, Ken! Can you show me how to Dougie?

After that post, we will start with the running man.

Yo White Shadow are you going to Summer Jam?

It doesn’t matter, we’ve tried telling him this. He doesn’t listen.

Negatory, its the week before school starts back up so I’m hoping i’ll be able to get good hours at work cause i could use the money.